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Knight in Sour Armour

That's a shame. :( I'm not sure what kind of work you do, but considering how much time the average person spends working... feeling oppressed on a daily basis can have a horribly detrimental effect on your life.

I love my job. I work with little kids everyday. Normally this love would motivate me to do lots of work for FFD since I'm often in a positive mood. Too bad this isn't actually the case since the hours are long. I wake up at 6 am, go to work, leave work by 3 pm (if I'm lucky and I don't have faculty meetings), take a nap, wake up and grade homework, lesson plan, and then go to sleep and repeat. Some weeks I find it incredibly difficult to allocate time to game art... and when I do, I often lose motivation since it feels more like a second job as opposed to much needed recreation.

Anyhoo, I hope things get better for you soon.

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Wow, you're looking quite dapper there, chap. Do you dress this smartly on every occasion?

Hah, thanks. That's generally how I dress everyday... even at work (and I'm an elementary school teacher).

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Pushing my niece at the park. Fun times were had by all.

Knight in Sour Armour

If you can't compartmentalize, then you should take a breather. That sinking feeling in your heart could influence your work in either a positive or negative way but you can only find out if you have the necessary drive to get back to game making, which sounds like you're lacking at the moment. There's nothing wrong with taking a little time off to rejuvenate your spirits. The time that you take to reflect on your disconcertion could very well be molded into something new and inspiring once you find yourself motivated to work again.

I also wouldn't sweat the maps. You just got your tablet (congrats! welcome to our "elite" club *joking*), so use that as your excuse to go back to what you've done by hand and mouse and revamp it into something exponentially better.

I could use with a bit of advice for the portraits too

Lastly... concerning your portraits... Your menu sketch is looking good. The pose is dynamic and the picture has balance. One thing that I notice quite often with newer artists... is that their usage of pen widths is often... all over the place. If you're going to rough sketch something for the sake of conceptualization, I often find it useful to use a thin brush, pencil or G pen. Rough sketches are meant to be scratchy and unrefined. When you're dealing with lineart however (like above), you need to be wary of what pen/brush sizes you use. The brush size that you used for Tristian's cape is thicker than the brush you used for her armor and scabbard. In this case, the brush sizes should be universal. Lineart should also be very clean since its the precursor to base coloring. You need to make sure stray lines are erased, intersecting lines don't bleed over and shading is consistent. You have hatching on the glove of Tristian's right hand, but you also have a big block of black under her chin. Personally, I'd nix the black spot and save that for the actual coloring phase.

Lastly, (and I'm not sure if Clip Studio Paint Pro has this) you should change pens/brushes for lines that taper off (I personally like using G pens). If you look at the lines under Tristian's left armpit (for her cape), the ends of the lines thin out. This technique should be applied to the folds in Tristian's waist tunic, the tresses of her hair as well as the shaped creases on her pauldrons. You applied this concept to Tristian's right hand, but not her left.

Anyhoo, sorry to nitpick. I figured you'd probably want some artist feedback after all. Regardless, you're doing a great job. I hope you're able to shake off the cloud over your head soon.

Looking forward to your future works! :)


Can't wait to buy me some 'Pink Frosting'!

FFD Concept Art 13 - Priscilla Alexandros

Why have you chosen to get yourself stuck in this design philosophy instead of embracing versatility? There's really no other explanation as it's as simple as just making like garments for the female characters as you do the male. There shouldn't be a difference. War knows no gender.

Another thing that I've found with this game over the years - and others where the designer clearly misses the point - is that there's this synonymous quality between "strong" and "exposed". "She gives everyone a show because she knows she can kick serious ass." Ability comes through discipline. Discipline comes through humility.

Having taken the time to comb through the last few months of your posting history, I've concluded (in very light terms), that you and I simply don't click.

I'm certainly not going to sit here and let someone else push their personal agenda onto me in an effort to directly influence my own form of artistic self expression. Nor will I suffer your dismissive comments denouncing the direction of our game (because we've clearly missed the point) as well as your antagonizing remarks to my co-developer. This has not been the first time you've insulted our design under the mask of witticism... and I suspect that it may not be the last.

Therefore, I am going to politely ask you to back off.

Please refrain from posting on our game page again.

FFD Concept Art 07 - Parker Gabbiani


Good eye! "There's nothing new under the sun" is indeed a fundamental truth!

All of my designs have elements taken from other game concepts/characters/designs. I try to make the final package as original as possible but that was a bit iffy in this case.

Here's the breakdown:

Overall theme: Lady Luck
Overall design (feather top, jewel lace, waist band): See above
Hat: Vegas showgirl (courtesy of Google)
Hair: Original (dating back to 2012)
Pant/Heels: Vogue (google - combination of some pants I saw + some boots)
Epaulets: Naval uniforms (google)
Arm Bangle: FF Wiki equipment
Fur: Original (I use fur a lot)
Emeralds / gold trim: google

Anyhoo, I hope that doesn't throw you off! Usually, if I like something about another design, I'll incorporate it but add a bit of a twist so that its not completely the same. Keep in mind, these are all just small pieces all combined together into a final package. The design process I followed a few posts above is how I determine what kinds of references I look up.


Great atmosphere!


I'm actually kind of happy that there's a lot of lore things. It encourages me (I can speak for others) to want to know more about the game's world, scholar that I am! Will there be bookshelves and such as well that the player can interact with for lord tidbits?

Absolutely. I've got enough background info/lore to start a dedicated wiki. One of our goals is try and ensure that our game world stands on its own instead of simply being an insane fan-plosive cameo-palooza. Immersion is definitely one of the key points that we're going for.