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Help me find / identify this old rpg maker game!

Hi all.

I know this is a shot in the dark... but I'm trying to find / identify this really old rpg maker game from over a decade ago. My memories of the game are extremely hazy at best. I'm hoping some of you old timers might have some clues as to what I'm talking about...

This is what I remember so far (take all of these tidbits with a grain of salt):

-The game was made with Rpg Maker 2k or 2003.
-The game was made by a female. (?)
-The game was quite pretty and had a lot of nature scenes/environments. I distinctly remember a fair amount of green and/or flowers.
-The game had a distinctly beautiful but hauntingly sad soundtrack. It wasn't anything that I had recognized from any commercial games.
-The game had this really... girly(?) or flowery like name. i.e. Florencia, Serenity, etc.

Annnnd there you have it. Unfortunately I remember nothing else; not one tidbit concerning the characters, the plot or the game systems.

Its not particularly important that I find the game again... but at least it would alleviate that subtle nagging thats been in the back of my head for the past month.

Any clues or guesses would be greatly appreciated!
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