I'm a game designer and game music composer from Indonesia. I'd love to make game soundtracks. If you have any game that need musics, you can check my sounds to know what can I do for your game :)



Post your Music

For all chrono cross lover all over the world. I made some nostalgic chill covers of Chrono Cross soundtrack for you.

Enjoy ^_^

Chrono Cross & Chill

Free Royalty Free Music from JP Soundworks

Dear all, I am sharing a library full of Free Royalty Free Music from JP Soundworks.

One of JP Soundworks' composers is me. And all musics from this library are my composition. Most of them are loopable and ready to be used in your games.

JP Soundworks Free Royalty Free Musics Playlist

Check in the description of each video for how to download and use it in your game.

Feel free to use them in your games. Don't forget to give the proper credits, of course, and if you subscribe to the channel, it is very appreciated.

Questions and feedback are welcome.


RMN Music Pack 2

Working on Town Theme - Town of Memories and Event Theme - There Will Be A Hope, I hope it can be good addition for the pack. ^_^

If those theme works, I'll try to seek some other theme that hasn't been made here.

- JP Soundworks

RMN Music Pack 2

Hello, thanks for reaching me out via email.
It's been a while since my last composition bere, but I'm so glad I can come back here.

Count me in.

First, I will make some peaceful town music or some magical place that will bring player into a sanctuary.

Summoner of Sounds

Dear all, sorry for late re-appearing because of lack of connectivity in my town...
Anyway, I'd love to join the Chapter IV: World of Traditions

Here are my submissions:


This is a relaxing music using one of my traditional musical Instruments (Baleganjur, Bali, Indonesia) accompanied with Dolek (african percussion). I hope this track will bring a relaxation and soothe for the listeners.


The second one, still using Baleganjur, I try to combine it with Turkish Ney Flute and Big World Drum to make ambience of a energetic but still elegant dance. Devananda is one of my game's original Character that has a background from Bali, Indonesia.

I hope my submission can touch you.


RMN Composer Introductions

I'm sorry for my late response on this:

Artist names you are known by:
My internet name is jasprelao, while many people known me by my real name, Jasson Prestiliano.

Link to the best place to follow your work:
You can follow and listen to my pieces here: https://soundcloud.com/jasson-prestiliano

Contact information for commissions:
Feel free to contact me via email: jasprelao@yahoo.com or via my facebook: https://facebook.com/jasson.prestiliano

Music genres and style influences of your work:
My music genre mostly on epic and orchestral. However, I also made many EDM, futuristic musics, even jazz and tango. So I always try to learn and improve various genre in my musical works. Two steps from Hell, Yasunori Mitsuda, Motoi Sakuraba, Austin Wintory and Nobuo Uematsu are the people that has big influence in my musics.

Your choice of audio software:
I'm using DAW Fruity Loops Studio (now is version 12), because my familiarity from the very start I begin to compose music. So I still passionately use this tools to make and improve my musics.

Instruments you play:
On the real world I can play Guitar and Keyboard (let's say some piano).

Your proudest accomplishment as a musician:
I can make music for many games and the gamer says that they like the musics on the game. Join RMN Music pack is also my honor.


Summoner of Sounds

Dear all,

It's great to know about this event.

Count me in to this event.

Here's my submission for the Happy's challenge:



RMN Music Pack: Court Composer Revealed!

Congratz Snowy Fox,
you're worthy to get that since your music is very great :D

Thanks for this opportunity and all of the kindness of the judges,


Jasprelao's Music

Thank you for your information, I have submitted some of my works there :D

Thank you very much for your time to hear my musics, glad if you like it.


Jasprelao's Music

I'm a game designer and game music composer from Indonesia. I'd love to make game soundtracks. If you have any game that need musics, you can check my sounds to know what can I do for your game :)

You can hear some samples of my works here: https://soundcloud.com/jasson-prestiliano

Please give me some feedback about my compositions that have been you hear above.

Here are my portfolio projects:
* Eternal Grace Episode 1 >> http://enthrean.com/games/eternal-grace-episode-1/(collaborate with Clea Leshlick and Lazcht Fou Liar)
* Kuburan Wars Racing >> http://enthrean.com/games/kuburan-wars-racing/" Kuburan Wars Racing
* SOFRA Fixfit >> http://www.bigfishgames.com/online-games/17402/sofra-fixfit/index.html
* Go Blocks>> http://www.dedegames.com/go-blocks.html
* Dirt and Torque >> http://www.cargamespot.com/play/dirt-and-torque-racing.html

My upcoming Game Musical Project:
-Montage Roux
-SOFRA Strike
-Vandaria Grace (collaborate with TheoAllen)
-Harmoniya - A Tragicomedy of Three Moons
-Soldiers of Heaven

Do you want your game to be enriched by my composition? Feel free to contact me, you can also check my game studio official website on http://www.enthrean.com .

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