Linus: The Forgotten Days Review

Oh!! Sorry about that! I should have known: the name sounded familiar. LOL! The Battle System was good. The difficulty curve was balanced in my opinion. I did mention the following: "The only problem I had (if one can truly consider it a problem) is that strategy was only required for a few fights: the most important ones. But, because anyone could KO the party members at any time, the player has to constantly watch over his/her health, so that the enemies don't kill anyone by surprise." But, really, the following statement summarizes my thoughts: "It was a good way to balance everything out. But when I had to strategize, especially with limited resources, I was kept at the edge of my seat, hoping no to die and having to restart all over."

Meaning that, certain fights, you do have to brush through to get back to the story as soon as you could; but when you have to strategize, it's because you know it's an important fight and it will advance the plot. It's not really a complaint, but my not well-formulated idea either. Just saying. :)

I can tell you put a LOT of effort in your story. It'd be great if it turns out to be a novel to be read at some point too. Maybe prequels to LINUS, or sequels? Or even side-stories? I don't know. LOL! :)

Linus: The Forgotten Days Review

I've been busy with my studies at the university. I missed you, AK47, and BluePeriod a lot, though. How have you been? :) I saw that you finished Enelysion? (Let's carry the convo elsewhere, though.. hehehe)

You won't be disappointed in that Demo. I'm a harsh critique, and I was swept off my feet. LINUS is a great teaser for a well-fleshed story and world. :)
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