Video game tunes that get stuck in your head often?

SNES...Top Gear...First stage...about the first 10 seconds of the song. Stuck with me even more so because I have a song that I like by a Regeaton artist, Daddy Yankee has a song that has the beginning part of it. If I didn't know any better I swear he sampled the Top Gear song. I'll update this post later with the song from Top Gear and the Daddy Yankee song.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Mobile: Marvel Puzzle Quest, Injustice mobile, & Asphalt 8. These are mostly during downtime at work or commute to/from work. Also have some SNES ROMs but haven't played that in awhile for some reason. Last one I was playing was FF3. I for some reason get to random points and just stop. By the time I get the itch again I forget where I was and what I had done so far and start again.

Console: Even though I have games that I have not beaten yet for several consoles I currently don't have any consoles. Hope to change that come Black Friday. Hoping to buy a Wii U and PS3 bundle. Still undecided on whether to get a Vita or the New 3ds XL (if it comes out in the states before then). Also getting a PS TV as well.

I think I'm going to have eliminate sleep from my daily life. Lol

What should go in a character focused game

Only character driven game that comes to mind is Grandia, Breath of Fire 3, and Lunar Silver Star Story.

Dynamic Difficulty in RPGs

Yes it had to be from that one battle because I did nothing else in the game. I feel like the RNG is also linked to the enemies levels. Lol

The micro transactions are to buy the 2 main currencies in the game. Iso-8, which is another name for experience points. And Hero Points which is used to buy mainly more roster spaces but also abilities, health packs, temporary boosts, get more heroes and used to enter special limited time tournies.

Since you earn skills, health packs, boosts and heroes (albeit mostly randomly) during normal play most people only spend their Hero Points on Roster space.

Dynamic Difficulty in RPGs


Yea sort of. For example:

Today I fought in a battle where the enemies levels were high 30s. I fight them and win. I come out of the game and don't touch it for an about a hour or so...come back to it. Go to fight the same group again using the same team. No one, whether or not they were on my 3 man team leveled up..my enemies were now high 70s.

Love the game but don't love this aspect. Oh and it's kinda hard, at least for me, to beat a pair of 77s and a level 75 when your highest is a level 50

Dynamic Difficulty in RPGs

Final fantasy 13 is the only game I've played that comes to mind.

Although, right now I am playing a mobile f2p game called Marvel Puzzle Quest Dark Reign. It is a match 3 of a kind game with rpg elements. (Levels, abilities, HP, and 3 person teams).

The dynamic is level related and rank related but it not only scales up it scales. The ranks from easiest to hardest are trivial, easy, normal and hard.

The rank determines the level and difficulty of the enemies. The higher your level the higher the enemy's level. But if you lose battles or go in and out of the app several times or don't play for a while (testing this to see if it is true), the enemy lowers in level making it easier.

I've played FF13 from beginning to end. I didn't even realize about the auto heal "feature" was there until a couple of battles in. That's when I started to play it more like an action game and less like an RPG.

The only time I would go into RPG mode when facing a boss or when I would be killed by a regular enemy. Only difference is the regular enemy was usually something that required me to approach the battle more like trying to find the right key to open the door so I Can continue.

Those battles were more annoying since you couldn't avoid those annoying regular enemy battles.

I don't think there have been enough dynamic battle system RPGs to really compare if it is better or worse than what is the norm.

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Breath Of Fire 3 is awesome!!!!!!

I played all but 5. Only 4 is the one I have not beaten.

From those I would say 3 & 4 to be the best of the series.

I forgot 5 had a perma-death as part of the game play. It is seen more often now with games like Dark Soul and Demon Soul so it wouldn't be a bad idea to re - release 5.

Breath of Fire 6 announced, but...what the fuck?

I love the BoF series. I beat the first 3. Part 3 is one of the few RPGs I've played multiple times. I did play 4 and got to what I think was the end boss but never finished. One day I will. Hell, I was willing to give 5 a try.

But this?! Is just wrong. I could see giving us a regular RPG on mobile. But giving BoF the Maple Story treatment only for cellphones and tablets?

This is Capcom's very expensive and complicated, but interactive press release announcing the death of the series.

May Ryu, Nina and the Dragon Clan R.I.P

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Currently playing Final Fantasy 3 on my cell (Note 3). Never have beaten it. Farthest I have gotten is a bit after the World of Ruin where it becomes open ended. Hopefully this time I finish it.

Number of Characters?

What makes them not feel like a waste of space (except maybe Umaro) is that all of them had important unique skills that made them play very differently from each-other. So even if they didn't feel fully fleshed out story-wise, they still had a distinct purpose. Gameplay uniquetitude can be an acceptable replacement for fleshed out story, sometimes (though obviously it's best to have both).

This is very true. Currently playing FF 9 and although Quina and Amerant have not said much that affects the storyline their battle skills have made them very important to me. Which is alot more then what can be said regarding Chrono Cross's cast.

Now I think about it a couple of games do this which helps to make the characters memorable.

So to the OP, make 50 PCs if you want. Just make sure they have:

A) Good storyline/background
B) Unique battle skills (compared to the rest of the cast)
C) All of the Above

And if they don't fit into one of the three choices then get rid of them. You want more LockeZs not more Umaros.
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