Hello Everyone

Hey everyone,

I've decided to make my own game and thought what better genre than the one I love the most. RPGS!!! Anyway some background.

I am starting college soon and majoring in Computer Programming and felt this would help me since more of the complicated things to do in RPG Maker require some type of programming and I am leaning towards Game Programming as my niche.

I know some basic Java (emphasis on basic). Also I consider myself a bit of a grammar police (My head explodes when I see too many grammar mistakes in video games. I can stand some in a free game but in a commercial game...not so much.)

I'll be around asking questions and maybe even answering some if I feel confident. I might also volunteer to join some projects just to get the feel of working on a team for a video game. Although right now I can only really offer my services as a storyline editor since I don't know much else.
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