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RMN Holiday Calendar

finally its hear

AngelStarStudios and Spammer Mail

heya receiving a few scam mail from a user by the name of "MRSEST67".

Can we have feature restrict Mail from other users beside Admin and moderators if their maker score is 0 or not post any games, forums post, etc..

RMN Christmas Card 2020

Sooo... how goes it? Any updates on a when or something?

it seem he seriously busy at the moment. might take some time probably next Christmas we might get an update on this.

[RMMV] [RMMZ] [UNITY] Game developer, game tester, etc... for hire

Hello MJM Here,

I am a Student who studies Bachelor of Science in interactive entertainment and multimedia computing. And I do game Development and Programming for Unity, RPG Maker (MV/MZ)and Unreal Engine (Rarely uses Unreal Engine). I know my past is my past

I can render service for your game and help out in designing and development of your game according to industry standard.

We can discussed price and where to pay.

Game Testing: Any engine
Programming: Unity, RPG maker MV/MZ(Limited)
Game Development and Design: RPG maker MV, MZ
you can also look at my portfolio:

[PAID][Request] Making a trailer

I suggest for Bandicam, goodluck. :D
Use OBS it much better and more modern than Bandicam And for video editing if you don't have adobe Davinci Resolve is a good video editing solution

RMN Christmas Card 2020

Joining in but I don't have a character sprite to use (or have any idea to make one). so I just uploaded a reference of a OC of mine and myself.

Trials of MZ

A lot of things happened in this week so I am dropping out.

Trials of MZ

Thanks to Ocean and his generosity this is now a Competition. The prize? A full version of RPG MAKER MZ! I (liberty) will be the judge, you will be the jury and there's no need for an executioner!

After the event ends, there will be a week to play the games and you can vote on which game you thought was the best of the bunch. I will then judge from the top 3 games that you, the jury, have picked and choose the overall winner![/quote

Welp good luck everyone!

Trials of MZ

Time to screw around RPG maker MZ

New RPG Maker incoming?

hello so what did I missed? JK JK I am wide aware and thinking if I should buy to make some new plugins for it or something in the future.