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[RMMV] [RMMZ] [UNITY] Game developer, game tester, etc... for hire

Hello MJM Here,

I am a Student who studies Bachelor of Science in interactive entertainment and multimedia computing. And I do game Development and Programming for Unity, RPG Maker (MV/MZ)and Unreal Engine (Rarely uses Unreal Engine). I know my past is my past

I can render service for your game and help out in designing and development of your game according to industry standard.

We can discussed price and where to pay.

Game Testing: Any engine
Programming: Unity, RPG maker MV/MZ(Limited)
Game Development and Design: RPG maker MV, MZ
you can also look at my portfolio:

[RMVX ACE] [IGMC2017] Project frozen hour

Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace

Synopsis: A western steampunk-themed, timed RPG. A robot finds itself in a remote desert village, whose belief in witches may lead to his gruesome demise....

the game does not feature battle!

Pixel artist: due to the fact most of our member are also artist but new to rpg maker we need pixel artist for the game estimated number of character/sprite you will be working on is 1 robot, 10-12 human NPCs, you might also do some minor tile-set creations but it depends if our story-writer need some specific object or not.
Graphic artist : who can do some art for the game, menu, title, etc.
Scripters: well if possible we need some scripters in hopefully for some special scene and for our special timer system
Composer: we now need some people who can composed for specific scene in the game.

Already Available people:
we are a team of 6, 1 - from the RPG maker community and 5 from outside the community. We got a story writer, mappers, eventer, and a actual proofreader in our team already but we can accommodate more people if the team want to have

About me/My Role(s)/Position(s):
I am MJM I work on the Town of illustive and the Future Helper series since then my experience with the RPG maker engine is improved a lot since the past few years (and I will be release a upcoming demo for Future Helper game by 2018). And this is my first time having a team collaboration based project. I also studying game development at my local college.

my current role for this project is general development (mapper, engine works, etc..) and project manager so I basically do some other portion of the project that is not stated in my position. And also helping out our new rpg maker users in understand the basic of the engine.

Additional note if we win all of us will split the prize money

please sent me a PM or shout out in this thread if your interested
And hopefully we can work together with this great game.

[RMVX ACE] Music needs

I been having trouble finding the correct music for the scene Due to the nature of it

the scene is kinda like one of the character stupidly panicking for something that is very very easy to solved like when you make a simple mistake that is easy to fix then you started to panic in a stupid way.

Sorry but I cannot find it around this forums and other sites
so I just put up a sample from a popular JRPG game series.
It kinda similar to this

The music will be use on my IGMC entry. Which is almost finished and one scene is incomplete because there is no accompanied music that I can use.

[RMVX ACE] [IGMC] [Unpaid] Project - Another world Recruitment

Project: Another world (IGMC entry)
Hello this is MJM main developer for the Future helper, Town of illustive series.
And I need some help for this project to be successful especially for the project.
I already have the game planned out,base story written and now setting up the base systems and logo designs for the game. I am specializing in story writing, Mapping.the project will be made using RPG maker vx ace, Character will be done using game character hub, and also other tools and script that will be added during the development process.

Game Summary:
The story will take place in another universe (not in the future helper or the town of illustive universe). You will play as a 17 yrs old male named Andrian (not final name) who lost her mother when she died of cancer, and his sister went missing, Until he discovered that he is not in the correct world and he bee transported to a new world where he fell that he belong to that world.

(to avoid spoiler I kept the summary at minimal)

The game will be release first as a preview version (like the seven tower) and will only reached until chapter 1 or 2.(depending on what we can achieve before the deadline)

Team member I need:

Proofreader - Because thatbennyguy/cashmerecat the person who usually work on proofreading my project isn't available (he wanted to but he can't for reasons will be left private) for the contest I need another proofreader for this project. (this is a high priority job, I really needed to have someone to do the proofreader works)

Music - Well I will be needed custom music for the game to make it unique.

Character design (bust)- I also need character artwork (this is low priority and mostly it just to make the game more unique)

Beta tester - Well who will going to test out the game for bugs that the developer may not find. All beta tester will received a free copy

Communication will be done via the following:
Beta tester will be contact via the private steam group, private reddit subreddit, via e-mail, social media, and such.
Development team can be be contacted via Private messaging, Steam, Skype (no video/voice chatting), e-mail.

I have no money budget for this project (even the future helper: Seven tower and Town of illustive have no developement budget also) and I cannot promise any money or something for working on this game but I can provide a free copy of future commercial project.

This is just a project for fun but just in case if this project will win in any way the cash prize will be split based on the service done (still deciding if this is a good way to split or planning to split in a different way). (unless if it ok for you to not received the money).(beta tester are excepted in the split cash prize but will be received free multi-platform commercial copy of future games and also this game)

Selected Beta tester for this project can also join in the other two beta testing project (The seven Tower and a secret commercial project {All tester will received a free copy of the game as a thank you for supporting}) for free.

In case if this project goes commercial as the development continued you will still be credited and you will also received a free full version copy of the game.

If you have any question fell free to ask here.

Edit1: put up note about prize splitting for beta tester.

[UNPAID] Looking for composer to work on some music on a semi-commercial game.

Project info:

Hello This is the first time I am making a job request over here so... If there any mistake I apologized.

Why "Semi-commercial"? Well future helper is going to be a series of game apparently and only the seven tower will be available for free while other will be available commercially and there some probability that the music might end up in being re-use in other games (not totally possible anyway but better to be safe than sorry?).

The game The seven tower will be release for free to the public. The preview version is planned to be release due to the game's length so I can release something for people to try out for a while while I am working on the full version.

And since there is no budget for the project paying to make some music will be hard and I already saw some offering free services for fun, portfolio pieces or favours.

But anyways I am currently looking for someone to work on the following music for the preview version/full version.
- Battle theme
- Field theme
- Other themes
I am requesting if I can view your portfolio if any so I can pick which composer is the best to work on such music.

The game have no development deadline.
I am accepting multiple composer to work on the game's music.

Edit: Since I am nice and all and to clarify amerk questions. If the music will be reuse for future, future helper game I will provide a free copy of the game in question in all platform/Versions (Steam, GOG, Desura, Game console, etc...)

thank you

Jomarcenter-MJM Developement short Update

Mostly I do random stuffs when working on my games, there is no schedule or system on which to work first. If I want to work something I want to work something. And this is the mostly a centralized place to give you update to any of my work or anything MISC. that isn't part of any project.

The reason why I make a separate short update than using the update section of my Games is because it short and also I can easily give out Daily development updates without ending up spamming the news section of this site.

But anyways Here is my first updates:

I try pixel art and just for one try this is what I made.
And some of them are going to be use for my own game. And some I will just going to release it for public use... And also Making pixel text is hard...

Can anyone post their opinion on this.

Note: if this is posted in a wrong forums can you just transfer it to a appropriate forum I am very confuse where to put this one.

The Public Domain Jam

I don't know what happened. But I think I accidentally double post this thinking posting was too slow so I click the post button again and this happened.
Please delete this.

The Public Domain Jam

Just posting this for anyone who is interested in joining the competition

The public domain Jam is a Competition where everyone will try to create a game based on a public domain story like moby dick, Peter pan, The Wizard of Oz, Etc...
Any book story, or everything That is available on or any other place you know where to get a public domain content.

The rules is simple - Full rules:
Make a games based on a public domain story.
All content must be new (No using stock graphics or art)

Note: Unlike what the name say. You don't need to put your game in public domain but optional there will be a special award category for games that release their code and assets under a Creative Commons CC0 waiver.

The grand prize is 1000$ (sponsored by NutcaseNightmare who created the project {And also the guy who also cause the music that you herd from town of illustive episode 1 into public domain so I can use it})
And other prizes like
- Loom Turbo (Game Engine) (worth $500) for best game in each category
- Kenney Game Art Pack for best 100 games (Free to use for commercial and non commercial Projects)

The game will be rated based on
Graphics / Sound / Fun / Polish
Staying true to the source material
Most innovative use of the source material

Deadline is until may 24

For more info about the event Visit

I am just here spreading about the contest to everyone. I do not sponsored nor have any connection with the host of the competition or anyone who is involved with the competition prizes and stuffs.

[Poll] Unofficial RMN All hallows' event voting poll

Because I think the voting poll in the official voting page is inaccurate as some of the people are not informed that voting has started and only people who saw the voting tab which is very hard to see in the very large page does vote but since I want ACCURATE RESULT I started an unofficial voting poll until the problem is fixed.

as always vote for your favorite game.

Note: This is an unofficial poll and it only be use in accurate information gathering. No prize will be awarded.

Poll will be closed by Dec 14 Enough time for very accurate result.

Connected (not yet final) (Web Light novel series)

This is just one of my new hobbies and my first time to write a light novel so don't expect this to be good just yet. It was based on one of my 2 dream that I was having and since it look like good enough to turn into writing, You don't want to waste good

Serviria,inc. Release an ADRMMORPG (ADR= augmented dual reality) called "Destiny online" which beta tester called a realistic online game that does not need to use a "personal computer" to play, Beta test was held in a remote island in Asia and player was happy with the result that they could experiences Real battles without dying. But when the official release start, Something unexpected happened.
Destiny Arc
Info soon!
Coming soon

The main character of the series.
I am not yet completed on writing his personality yet so please wait.

More character soon as development progress.

Download is totally free! if you get the file with a fee, you been ripped-off, please download the file in autorized site like

Complete Download is available in the following sites
No file available
Incomplete download and extras is only available via Google docs

if you have any question about this. Please ask and also you are allowed to question about the story that way in develop.

update 1: There was a change with the story-lines files the "School battle war" arc was removed. and was moved to a independent series.
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