The Exquisite Corpse Challenge

I chose the creative corner for this thread because this challenge is meant to expand everyone’s creativity. The exquisite corpse is a technique of art and writing that has even made its way into film. I have yet to play a game based around this technique. Below are various different ways the technique can be applied.
Drawing Technique
This version works by taking a piece of paper and folding it so that everyone can draw different parts. When my family plays the drawing game, we split up the head, torso and arms, legs and feet. Each person draws their assigned part and then we unfold our monstrosity. Needless to say we have come up with some weird looking creations.
Writing Technique
Each person writes a different scene without showing what their writing to everyone else. We usually use a first person perspective without giving the character involved a name. After everyone is done writing, the scenes are then spliced together, in order to make a story.
RPG Technique
Take the above techniques and apply them to music, sprites, monsters, backgrounds, puzzles, mini-games, etc. Also people might want to write out scenes, letters or what not to add to a sort of story. All of these resources are thrown together to make a game.
The Challenge
Make a game using the resources provided by others who used the exquisite corpse technique to the make said resources. I’m curious as to what all the creative people on this site can come up with. Now start posting your resources, I want to see what game makers can bring together out of this weirdness. I will be on this thread periodically to keep it from dying. I’m also hoping that this thread stays up for about two weeks before I start requesting game designers.


Hello everyone,

I'm not exactly great at the whole making a game thing. In fact, I wouldn't know my way around computer script even if I was possessed by Steve Jobs. I do, on the other hand, write and I’m looking for people to put my words into games.
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