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Change all text windows from bottom to middle with script?

I'm using RPG Maker VX Ace.

In my current project, I have all text windows set to dark, bottom.

Let's say I wanted to switch them all to dark, middle. Rather than manually editing each event (thousands of them at this point), is there a way to quickly do this with a custom script?

Thank you!

License question about an asset pack

I recently purchased an asset pack for use in one of my games. In the license documentation for the pack, it says I have to give credit to the author of the assets somewhere within the game files.

That doesn't sound right to me at all. If I PAID for the asset pack, shouldn't I be able to use the assets in my game and not have to credit the author? The point of paying money for it is so that I would be able to use the assets without restriction.

I could understand if it was a free pack, but it isn't.

What am I missing here? I mean I have no problem crediting the author, but saying it's required for something I paid for the rights to use is a little over the line to me.

Games made with Pop Horror City

Quick question here. Does anyone know of any games made with the Pop Horror City tilesets and character packs? I just want to take a look at it in action. Thanks!

Any good guide for customizing the menu?

I've poured over 500 hours into my game so far and haven't even touched the menu system yet, but I think I'm at the stage of development in the game where I need to get that nailed down. Does anyone have a link to a guide on how I could go about editing the default menu?

I basically just want to list items, journal, save, and quit since there is no combat in my game. It's a story/adventure game with puzzle solving. So I don't need to display the character portraits and things like that.

I've messed with it a bit, but I really have no clue what I'm doing. Hoping there's a guide out there that covers it.

Thanks all!

Cleaner looking font - recommendations?

I really don't like the way the default font is rendered in VX Ace. It looks really jagged and bad due to the way it's bitmapped, especially when playing in a larger windowed mode or fullscreen.

Therefore, does anyone have any recommendations for a crisp, clean font? I've tried changing it to the standard fonts like arial, tahoma, verdana, etc but it still looks jagged and can't get the clean look I am going for.

Just wondering if anyone can recommend a clean, readable font that looks good. Doesn't have to be anything fancy. Thanks. :)

Legal question - popular songs in noncommercial games?

Does anybody have any advice regarding using songs in noncommercial games? For example, let's say I wanted to use a song by a popular recording artist. I've seen it done in the some of the games I play on here and was just wondering if this was okay since the game isn't being made for sale or profit.

I have several songs that I would like to use in my noncommercial game, but was wondering if I actually need to get permission first from the legal department at a record label? I'm highly doubting many of the people doing this are seeking permission first.

Just wondering if anyone has any input or advice on this topic. Is permission needed for a noncommercial project (are songs by major recording artists licensed under some fair use kind of act)?

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