Loop's Quest

Thank you!

Loop's Quest

How do I open the door in ice cave?
The snowman says 3... 2... 4..., but there are only 3 switches.

Leo and Cat


I'm in Noodle Shop and I have a question. The Tonkotsu Ramen increase the ATK by 10, but Miso Ramen does absolutely nothing. I thought it should increase DEF/MDF, but it's not. Is it a bug?

Shadows of Evil: Wings of Time Deluxe

The download for the patch is not working, it's not downloadable.

Shadows of Evil: Wings of Time Deluxe

The download for the patch is not working.

Shadows of Evil: Wings of Time Deluxe

Thank you.

Shadows of Evil: Wings of Time Deluxe

Thank you for prompt response.

For the boulders, I've done them every way possible. From left to right, from right to left, center, left, right, center, right, left. Nothing works for me.

Shadows of Evil: Wings of Time Deluxe


Firstly, let me tell you, this is one of the best games I ever played.
I'm glad I found it, think it should've been amongst featured games, and for sure it deserves more than 3 stars rating.

Now to a problem I've encountered.
I'm currently doing Ultimate Armor side quest. In the Ice cavern, when I roll boulders onto X nothing happens, the barrier is not removed. Is it me doing something wrong? Or is it a bug.

I really want to get that equipment. Please help.

While waiting for an answer moved on to the next side quest: Unsealing The Ultimate Sorcery. You mention Prism Blaster spell for Brie. I followed your walkthrough, but my Brie does not have this ability. There's nothing in this walkthrough on this spell, I went back and checked if I missed it somehow. Can I do this side quest without this spell? If not then where can I find it? Also you mention Sorceror's Mantle. Is it different name for Magic Ring? If not where can I find it? There's nothing in this walkthrough on that item either.

Shin Megami Tensei: The Reborn World - MV Version


I'm stuck in arcade. Can't figure out passwords for VIP Lounge and Manager's Office.

What does Jack :: Queen means? Also King ::?

Hero's Preface


Just finished playing your game, and I loved it!

I loved everything, the story, the dialogue (laughed a lot), the long dungeons (gave me opportunity to bring characters levels up without grinding in one spot).
Yeah, so don't change anything.

Most game developers nowadays try outdo each other. They spend time and resources on creating custom graphics and custom everything. The outcome - most games are never finished. They put down RTP and cliché save the .... plots.

They should ask people who play their games what they want.
I for one, adore RTP graphics (usually avoid games with custom graphics), and I adore cliché plots.

So, please finish making part 2 & 3 as soon as you can, because I and a lot of other players are waiting.

And don't listen to Shayoko, she dishes shit to everybody.