The Magi Chronicles

Oh, I almost forgot. I got some keys in the last Water Temple, couldn't find any use for them there. Did I miss something, or those keys are for some future use?

The Magi Chronicles

OK, just finishes the demo. First of all, I enjoyed it very much, great game.
Nice mapping, balanced battles, not too difficult, not too easy, requires some strategizing. Nice puzzle. Subbed and can't wait for the rest of the story.

I encountered some bugs, don't know if it relevant, because I downloaded on 8/28 and I see that you fixed some bugs on 8/31. In the capitol city the weapon/armor shop vendor doesn't interact at all. Couldn't complete the flower for drunk's daughter, something about missing "face" file.

The grammatical errors I usually overlook, unless I cannot understand an important progression clue.

So, again, great game, hurry up with full version please.

Radiant Chain

Hey, I just finished chapter 1, it's great.
So, where's chapter 2? ETA please. Hope I don't have to wait tooooooo long.

It's a great beginning for hopefully great game, so don't make us wait too long, please.

Terence's Tribulations

Well, I just finished your game, and would like to tell you I enjoyed it very much.
It's beautifully made, has no glitches, the battles are very well balanced, resources are plentiful. One of the best games I found around here lately. I'm only sorry I found it too late to vote for it.

I think you should continue this game, it's well worth it.

So thank you very much for few hours of enjoyable play.



I have a question. How many time do I have to use the orbs to learn the skill?
For example, I've been using "Confuse Orb" 305 times, and leveled probably 10 times, but still if I unequip it, I loose the skill.

I've been enjoying the game so far, but now I'm totally stuck. I got the right side of the medallion from Ice Cave, and I think, I need the boat from west side to go to the Castle. The boat guy on west side wants something rare, I think he wants the painting. I have no idea how to get the painting, and the guy from Academy wants that painting too. I wish there were a walkthrough for this game, because I sure want to continue playing.

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

Castle Oblivion 3

Dear, Sir Luiishu,

I would like to extend my observation, after playing through half of the game.
Technically you achieved near perfection. Your maps are very good and pleasant to the eye, and there're no game breaking bugs. So 5.0 on programming side.

The grammar itself not that bad, but how you make sentences is all wrong. The conversations are very immature. There's some room for improvement there, but I can live with that part. So I'll give you 3.5 for that part.

NOW!!! My biggest gripe is the difficulty. It's EXTREMELY INSANE ! And it's a game breaking for me. My suggestion to you, make 2 difficulty levels. An easy one for casual gamer, and this one for seasoned ones. For an easy level, I suggest you tame the monsters by half, and give double exp/$. For example, I just fought 3 mid bosses, that had 5,000 hp each, what did I get from this fight - 2250xp/$1050, means that 5,000hp monster gave me 750exp/$350. During that fight I used 3 x mana potion @$300 cost, about 4 or 5 large potions @ $150.00 cost plus some revives. So using simple addition, financially I've spent about $2,000, but got back after fight $1,050. It doesn't work in my book. The other example is on the way to the sea island, the four fishes, that are extremely fast and have triple attack witch almost wipes my party, returns 550xp/250$. Where is the logic in this? If I'm not near the recharge crystal, I try to escape as much as possible, so the only way to advance is grind next to the crystal, but now, I need about 20,000exp to advance a level, grinding by the crystal is just plain unpractical an boring.
Means I have to have about 50-60 fights.

To make a long story short, I have to quit the game, unfortunately. I'd like to play on, but it's not enjoyable anymore. I've subscribed, in case you ever decide to take my suggestion to heart and make and "easy" difficulty level.

Tales Of Astrenia - 1st, 2nd & 3rd Chapter

OK! I just finished your demo. This is just my thoughts, it's not a critique in any way.

1. Slime battle is ridiculous. Maria is useless, since she has no battle skills at the beginning, and troy has to do wait 5 times to do just a little damage. It's time consuming and I got bored after a while and just started to escape them.

2. I need 90 exp to advance the level, but the bat gives 1 exp. And 2 slimes - if I fight them - 4 exp. I got bored wondering through the forest and almost quit the game.

3. Why those bandits, that have 5000 hp each, give 0 exp?

Again, this are just my thoughts as a player. Others may like it.

Bahamut - Between Light and Shadow

OK, I need help, again.

In the cave to the mountains, there's a box surrounded by boulders, I assume, there's a key in the box, I tried everything, I can't get the box, the boulders don't roll. I'm hopelessly stuck. I got the helmet and shield. Plz help!!!

Again, never mind, solved it.

Bahamut - Between Light and Shadow


It might be something stupid, but I'm stuck on the mountain, after I get Golden Robe.
There's a cave with the gate, but I can't open that gate for some reason, so there is no exit from that area.

I've tried this 3 times already, plz help!

Never mind, I did it, and I was right about being stupid.

MageQuest 2: The Lost Voyage (Version 1.8)

I found this game, it looks good, want to play. But there are files missing.
If I speak to any merchant, game crashes "file ceverus" somewhere else there was a file "alex 2" missing. And that is just in the first 20 min of the game. Is there a way for me to get those files? Or maybe there is another download somewhere that works?