A Complete Guide To Sewing Machine Feet


There is a wide range of presser feet available in the market and if you are using one of the
best entry level sewing machines then you need several presser feet to start designing. If you are a complete newbie then let us give you a complete guide about presser feet and how it can help you in coming out with professional projects.



Standard or Zigzag Foot:

This standard or you can say zigzag foot is the king of all presser feet and you can use it for standard stitches as well as for decorative purposes too. If you are sewing something basic from sewing machine then a standard or zigzag foot can help you in simplifying work.


Overcasting Foot:

If you don’t have overlockers then don’t worry because the overcasting foot can do the same job for you. Adjust this foot in your sewing machine and it can finish the raw edges of your garment in no time without making it fraying. This foot is useful when you are working with stretch fabric or knits.


Seam Marker Foot:

Seam marker foot is one of the important and accurate feet you can’t live without. It will make your seams crisp and beautiful without curling or folding in the middle of stitching. While you are sewing any of the corners, put the needle down and raise the foot.


Narrow Hem Foot:

This foot helps you in sewing narrow hems quickly with ease and smoothness. This foot is an amazing tool to use when you are working with sheer fabrics like chiffon. It helps in creating even stitches as well as this foot has two sides to use.



Bias Binding Foot:

Sewers who are new often look for coverstitch machines to secure stitches in the end and they usually read the best coverstitch machine reviews
to get their hands on the right product. If you can’t afford this sewing machine right now then you take control of your work by using footers.

Bias binding foot can attach bias binding to your project in no time and it can catch the fabric without ruining any of your garment appearances.


Flat Felled Foot:

If you try to sew flat seams then maybe, in the end, you realize there is some mistakes you could avoid but flat-felled will make your work smooth and flawless. You can use this footer as well to sew the parallel rows of stitches.


Roller Foot:

Roller foot is suitable for the kind of fabrics like velvet, leather and other heavy material. It helps in preventing bunching of thread on the garment as well as it provides enough traction to feed fabrics. This footer has rollers at the front and back to save the garment from any kind of damage.



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