[RM2K3] Secondary input keys?

if I'm reading it correctly it WILL disable Z and X? Meaning ENTER and ESC would have to be used? If that is true, then I can't use this.

This is a Dyn plugin made by cherry? I can't seem to find reference to it anywhere else though.
It's an old patch made by cherry, not a dynplugin.
I found it on a German forum.
Anyway, if you use the keyboard/mouse plugin you should have no problem reconfiguring z and x

[RM2K3] Secondary input keys?

The keys H, J, K, L move the hero. C, V, B, N, M act like pressing X.

Is there a way to prevent this so I can define customs actions to those keys?

This patch deactivate all the letter keys:

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

RPG marker 2003 has problems with multicore computers

[RM2K3] Big List of Plugins/IPS (Sticky This Please)

Another one from 2017: EXtraFONT
http://share.cherrytree.at/showfile-27666/extrafont.ips (2000-1.07 only)

Extends the ExFont to contain 64 instead of 52 characters in case you need some more custom symbols. To use this properly, after patching you have to replace the "EXFONT" Bitmap resource inside RPG_RT.exe (e.g. with ResourceHacker or whatever you like to use) with an image that has a width of 192px and includes symbols before "A" and after "z".

Before UpperCase "$A"$;$<$=$>$?$@$A...
After LowerCase "$z"...$z${$|$}$~$$€

※: "$" is not a simple whitespace. I know, that's really ugly.
※: Couldn't include this table in the HIDE/SHOW above, it broke everything.

Interestingly, I've always wondered why no one has done something similar with dynrpg

[RM2K3] DynRPG installation / first compilation error

Is it possible that the problem is the version of the program(CodeBlocks)?
I remember reading somewhere that a specific version was needed.

[RM2K3] "Miss" message missing from Advocate rpgmaker2003 ?

RPG marker in dark mode!?
I never see It before

[RM2K3] Big List of Plugins/IPS (Sticky This Please)

I didn't know, apparently links to mediafire folders expire after a while
These should work:

Someone notify Bulma, to edit the first post


Maybe they don't expire, more simply mediafire has changed the way it handles them, I noticed that they are identical, the only difference is that in the final part they added

RMN Music Pack 2

Finally! The wait is over!
A big thank to all the partecipants and the judges

+++ DynRPG - The RM2k3 Plugin SDK +++

I found this plugin of pepsiotaku:
For the win/flee there is an option in battle processing command


2k3 is the way!