Guess the RPG from Only 3 Tiles

[RM2K3] Rpg Maker Maniacs Patch (for official version)

They are only false positives
You checked the 211010 version, I think the 210809 version didnt have the false positive

yep! That and some betas from his discord too

[RM2K3] Rpg Maker Maniacs Patch (for official version)

Hello! I was reading through this and it seems like many were getting anti-virus pop ups. My anti-virus software went haywire when it downloaded. I just want to confirm that these are in fact false positives, and that by installing it will cause no danger/exploit to my PC.
If you are unsure you could try the 210809 version:
This has no warning for me :)
Sadly, it is still giving me warnings saying:

Heur.AdvML.B is high risk as a Heuristic Virus Detection of a threat based on malware heuristics

I guess I'm looking for some kind of confirmation if anyone else has gotten this issue before and that it is in fact nothing. I'm terrified that if I allow this, its going to cripple my machine.

I also checked the file online and got this from a scan

They are only false positives

[RM2K3] (DynRPG) A way to display an item name using a variable?

Just a small general inquiry about RPGMaker 2003

windows 10 pro here! works perfectly

[RM2K3] Big List of Plugins/IPS (Sticky This Please)

The flexiblewalker does not support single characters.
Directly from the download page:

the size of characters will be auto-calculated depending on how big the source-image is.
Some people sometimes create CharSet-files that feature less characters or are otherwisely wrongsized, keep in mind that you won't be able to do this because the new completely overwritten drawing-function relies on all 4*2=8 character-blocks being
present in the file and doesn't allow any cutoff graphic-areas beyond.

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

Not at the moment! is a problem caused by easyrpg not supporting dynrpg and its plugins

[RM2K3] Rpg Maker Maniacs Patch (for official version)

What technology do you hope will be invented before you die.

Time travel or move between universes!

+++ DynRPG - The RM2k3 Plugin SDK +++

Hey, i just bought rpg maker 2003 on the degica shop and i wanted to use dynrpg for a fangame. But when i patched my game with it, it gives me a message saying the RTP is not installed even though it is. idk if its because its in the wrong place and the game cant find it or if somthing is broken. Any help would be appreciated.

Dynrpg only works on rm2k3 v1.08(unofficial version), the new ones(steam and degica shop) are v1.12.