Homework Salesman

for some reason the numbers in the game arent showing like hp mp zenny etc etc they look like this for me

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

let me say the game is just great i love it , enjoying it so far

but i fked up ,i parked my airship behind sundi's castle and now i cant get to it T_T
can anyone help me :(


is it really done ???

Starless Umbra

for some reason attacks do not generate ep for me ...

Oathguard v0.2 Public Beta Download

i was wondering about that melly why the rhedon battle occur and after it when you are going down i see three people one of them the sage and the two others dont know anyways if u talk to of them the rhedon battle occurs and the third lets u skip the battle and the go to the scene where gela is injured and walks to the town ... and another thing after my lp runs out after i talk to bochuel (i think thats his name) the serum doesnt work and the game just doesnt continue i keep hitting rhoden but he does nothing

Oathguard v0.2 Public Beta Download

Man u got some fine master piece here ;) hope when u release it will be full not like chapter 1 2 etc etc ... despite the difficulty which is extreme (I LOVE!!) but the beta makes it looks very promising ;)) hope it will be released soon enough ;)

Forever's End

can you please give us any the latest updates on chapter 2
Its awfully quite here!

Dark Arts

This is pretty good stuff love ur style and its uniqueness


This game is cool i swear to you from the moment the intro started my heart started beating so fast i realized i am in love with this game !!!
but for some reason i get this error when i try to sharpen my weapon or go into a battle and then game shuts down , and i dont what happened i tryed i said maybe something with game proprieties decided to change the compatibility to windows xp and didint do a thing to the error so decided to change it back try again when i loaded the save file and got out from the first town it jumped to the ship battle i dont know but i got this thing with luck and its "bad" :( here's a pic of the error


Beloved Rapture

i have played the demo and its awesome ... althought the intro was not so encouraging at first but man i got to say this a very well made game the graphics and the story going 4.5/5 :D
But i got to ask does this game got along road to go until its released ?
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