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I like the look of these battlers! I also love how wimpy the flamingo looking bird looks among these other bad looking dudes. His pose is totally saying "I-I'm dangerous too, m-man!"


How did I miss this?! If this is even just remotely as good as tsufana or tsufanubra, count me in. The non-generic class roles have my interest piqued too.

more rpgs need battle dogs

Shukumei Star

You can get the star path rewards without collecting all of the stars: I only had a strength and speed star and could walk along the whole thing.


Good to see this classic isn't forgotten :)

Blackmoon Prophecy 1.21

- Finally fixed a several year old issue where many pot graphics were replaced by that of a broken/cracked one. The prevalence of broken pots throughout the game was not intentional.

This has legitimately changed the interpretation of the world for me. I earnestly thought the pots were hinting at a crumbling civilization subtext. My theory was a fluke :(


I like the golem's shoulder thingamabobs (spaulders? the word escapes me right now).

Also my goodness a banana that size could kill somebody put that thing away please

Heroic Tale

This was a short and sweet experience. I've only 2 complaints-

- The miss rate feels way too high. (though it is accurate to a classic rpg experience)

- there's nowhere to actually spend the coins you get, as far I could gather. maybe I missed something.

Also, I had no idea what the heroic value stat does. I thought it slightly changed the rng variance to be in my favor, but that could've just been a placebo effeect.

Anything Else? A Question for the fans/players.

More importantly, did you ever change that title screen so it doesn't say "Dragon Fantasy Remade" anymore? :P

Ha, I forgot about that... if would be nice if This image was the title screen instead.