Currently splitting my time here in sunny Australia between polishing my novel, developing my first hobbyist game, reading and playing other people's works, and looking after my one year old son.

Interested in telling stories about alternate but familiar worlds; stories that explore friendship, gender and sexuality; interesting female characters; and just having fun.
Everyone is Happy
A game of exploration, conversation, television and death



Lessons learned

I hope your game makes progress!

I had this ridiculous but apparently wonderful idea of stealing a mechanic from Imagine: Ballet Dancer (which is a fantastic game, honest)... but INSANE amounts of work for very little added gameplay, when I look at it rationally. I might have to ditch the minigames altogether, reluctantly, if I'm ever to get this playable.

My one year old toddler seems to like "playing" it on my lap, at least! Bright colors will do it every time.

Apple Pie

This sounds fantastic. Subscribing!

Pokemon: Resource Kit

Wow, amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this.

Lessons learned

The worst is that I knew these were traps, and still fell into them. :D But I'm having fun again now.

I'm still learning to code, but not with this game in mind.

Writing branching dialogue and narrative

I hope the links are of help!


chivichick, why is it a bad idea particularly where you live? I understand why people are against it in general, just curious about the area. (You don't have to answer, I['m being nosy.) Anyway, best of luck, I hope you find the agent and publisher who are a perfect fit for you.

Unity, thank you! I will! I was so naive about editing, I thought it would be the easy part. I found this book incredibly helpful in editing and strengthening my writing, especially my pacing, if your library has it.

And thank you charblar! I hope it is the first of many, now I've proven to myself that I can write extended plots and subplots.


That's one of the reasons I thought pursuing publication would stress me out too much, the need to market stuff as firmly in a genre. I can see how it works for marketing purposes, but otherwise...

Everyone is Happy

Thanks, guys!

Writing branching dialogue and narrative

How would you like to join TEAM ROCKET?

Corpse Party influenced my decision to use RPG Maker, not so much by scenes but by showing how a visual novel--or narrative adventure?--could work using RPGMaker rather than Ren'Py, which would take more original art than I could manage! I like being able to walk around and choose things.

I do have a project that would be more RPG-like held in reserve for the future, and the awesome guy who makes the High Fantasy set even made me a female orc freebie, but I have to admit I'm really intimidated by rpg mechanics.



It's a matter of being "volunteered" to be transplanted to an experimental community that is being used as a reality tv show, if that makes sense.
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