50 Days of Representation

never made a complete game before, but I'm definitely thinking at taking a crack at this! really like the theme :)

...even if i'm starting late

The best time to start was when the event launched. The second best time is now.

[SCRIPTING]Will you deliberately write uncommon bad codes with strange poor designs to make plagiarisms easier to prove?

This isn't really about scripting for games specifically but...

Back in college, I intentionally broke my code so people wouldn't just snap pics of my screen, type it up, then submit it to the prof as their own. I just fixed the code when it's my turn to present to the prof OR if it's time to submit. Like, broken in that it would still run and anyone not paying attention will think it's fine, but upon closer inspection it's straight wrong and inadmissible. Or it just crashes. Depends on the mood, really. The profs have actually caught on to what I was doing and started calling the copycats out later on.

Like, I'm not against helping others. I would literally stop working on my own stuff if someone asks me for help and/or has a question. But these people, they don't want help; they want their work done for them. I don't do that.

Outside of that and similar settings however, I honestly don't care enough if people copy my code. In fact, most of my work are all out for public scrutiny in places like github and such. Maybe if I was actively profiting off of my work, I would add more safeguards to it, but otherwise I don't think it's worth the effort to intentionally make terrible code just to go "Ha! I caught you!" on people.

50 Days of Representation

Still trying to figure out how to go to space...

50 Days of Representation

atb is lame
Any reason you can give for why you feel that way? :o
I ain't craze but...

I don't like ATB because it's like, half and half, if that makes sense? It's turn-based, but not quite turn-based. It's "action" but also not quite. I'd rather either a plain turn-based system (like most JRPGs) OR a non-turn-based "live action" system (like say Summon Knight or Dark Souls or Diablo or etc).

50 Days of Representation

About the dates, there's something fishy:
Event runs from Saturday the 11th July until Monday the 18th August

For me, from July 11th to August 18th = 37 days, not 50 ; unless you use an alternative method for calculating dates.

Libby said something a while ago about fixing that (and the represenatatation) as soon as she's finished settling in.

50 Days of Representation

EDIT: I am terrible at time management. I spent the entire first week of the jam focusing on details instead of big picture stuff. Stupid, silly details that most people might never find because they are associated with optional content. I know making optional content is kind of silly when I have such a short time to work, but I just feel like a lack of optional stuff would make the game feel a bit... thin, given how little in the way of deep mechanics it offers.

To be fair, I don't see it being said anywhere that the game needs to be finished in 50 days. Just that it needs to be created within that time frame and, by the end, have at least 20 minutes of play time. Just mark it as a beta or a part 1 of X.

50 Days of Representation

This idea sounds incredibly cute!

Mm. It honestly took me a while to realize it doesn't have to be a sad and/or bleak game. We can have happy "Communist Propaganda" for all our tovarisch.


Heheh. Man I miss FMV cutscenes in games...

[RMVX] Halve/Double Damage after Damage Calculation via State

You can modify that in the features area in the database, but idk if that was part of the things VX didn't have that was added later to VXA.

50 Days of Representation

To be fair, if you make communist propaganda I will play it. XD

It would be nice to make a cutesy game about someone trying to escape to the one place that has not been corrupted by capitalism...

Edit: Actually... why not eh? Just need to make sure I don't try to make custom assets, and it should work out.

50 Days of Representation

it's an incredibly broad theme.

A bit too broad, perhaps. I was initially doing something relating to capitalism (minimum wage earners getting spare change for a day's hard work), but it was kinda hard not to go straight into the "Communist Propaganda" side of things...