[RMMV] D100 / Tabletop style game engine maths

Assuming I understood you correctly, you can do it with Common Events. Although it does get clunky, but it is doable.

Like so:

50 Days of Representation

It's a fairly long event, so there's plenty of time for procrastination gam mak.

50 Days of Representation

Just started, and I already have a headache. Weeee...

50 Days of Representation

Maybe she started counting at 0.


Is voting still open?

50 Days of Representation

Idk how well I'd be able to represent, well, representation...

If anything though, gam mak with a hard-set deadline is always good to get the creative juices flowing, yes?

r/traaaaans but it's RMN

I'm disappointed that there are no trains.

[RMMV] Hello from a newbie

Welcome and Good luck!

Do feel free to ask around if anything's holding you up.

Hi there.

All gam mak is proper; You're not doing "nothing", you're "brainstorming for a future project"!


Hi there.

To you too, Kyla!

It's been quite a while.