Hi there.

I said I'd be back full storm some time ago. Well that ended well now, didn't it?

Anywho, hello there. I'm karins. I should probably not speak in absolutes anymore but man, idk. Somehow, I just suddenly remembered this place. Remembered all the stuff and the banter and the back-and-forth discussions about pretty much everything (sometimes, even involving gam mak).

I feel bad to have just disappeared without so much as a proper farewell. But at the same time, I'm glad to see rmn still truckin'. To see familiar names on threads. I suppose I'll take this opportunity to thank you all for, well, being you.

Let's put that aside now. This isn't a final "farewell", but this isn't exactly an "I'm back" either. It's a smile and a half. And maybe, hopefully, I can get back to gam mak soon.


[SCRIPTING] [RMVX ACE] Is there a way to play sounds on ineffective attacks?

I'm guessing you can force it by adding a play command in one of the attack effectivity tests in Game_Battler.

I'm on my phone, so I can't confirm right now though...

Doing The Thing

Thing status: Done

Welcome to rmn. We're all mad here.

Steam Greenlight is dead: Valve introduces Steam Direct

I don't know how to feel about this. To be honest, it screams "!!cash grab!!" to me. But then again, dumping a paywall would definitely turn away a considerable amount of the filth entering the market.

Five grand is too much though. That sounds like something only established (or starkly confident) developers/publishers could pay off. Thankfully, it's more of an upper limit, but still...

[Mafia] Anime Waifu Battle Royale! =+= FINISHED =+=

Wait, what would happen if I cast a vote?

#sacrifice bart

[Mafia] Anime Waifu Battle Royale! =+= FINISHED =+=

Opinion: I think you guys should keep NS alive for a while. I have a feeling that he'll be useful later on.

[Mafia] Anime Waifu Battle Royale! =+= FINISHED =+=

@Trihan> I think it's pointless now; it's pretty much final. Thanks, though.

Erm would it help if I said I was bluffing all along? Probably not. No proof or such.


Just get it over with. The day's more than ran its course already.

[Mafia] Anime Waifu Battle Royale! =+= FINISHED =+=

Yes and yes.

This game's gonna finish next valentines, I bet.

[Mafia] Anime Waifu Battle Royale! =+= FINISHED =+=

I don't think OoT should be assumed as allowed if it isn't explicitly stated. That is kind of unfair for the other players, and difficult for Libby to keep track of.

[Mafia] Anime Waifu Battle Royale! =+= FINISHED =+=


I was approaching this game like it was a standard mafia game; my goal wasn't to be one of the last waifu standing, it was to root out the sk. I guess I can continue helping as a patron.

Expect gifts guys :)

Ps - If it isn't evident, I'm not mad.