If you're ever feeling a bit too down, talk to someone. Anyone willing to listen is good enough.

Past 2 years has, to be frank, been quite the shitshow for me. If it were not for that one kind lady selling fruit, who insisted I sit down and talk, I don't know where I'd be. That random stranger who thought I looked too gloomy, and had some time and an ear to spare.

Please do check up on your friends, your family, your neighbours, anyone you know. Being isolated and under pressure for too long is not good for the mind.

If you are feeling this yourself, acknowledge it. Pretending it isn't an issue will only make it worse. Perhaps what I did might not work the same for you. It's not easy to leave yourself so vulnerable, and I understand that. Take it one step at a time, at your own pace, on your own terms. But try not to assume that you can do this on your own, as I did. You'll find your own fruit lady.

Is there life after finishing a game?

Can't worry about what happens after you're done making your game if you don't finish it.

r/traaaaans but it's RMN

I'm disappointed that there are no trains.

Yay! I'm gonna direct an RPG Maker room in an Anime Expo here in Santos later this year!

RPG Maker at Anime Expo? What's this world come to?

Next we're going to have mayonnaise panels at hot dog conventions.

Better than having a Japanese Doujin Expo, featuring nothing but Korean indie contemporary romance flicks...

Man that was awful.

Thinking about punny game titles.

DanQuest Pepe

RaQueteer - The Q is for Quest

BREAKING NEWS: Nerema is, it turns out, a fake God created by the one and only KENTONA! OMG! Don't fall for his liiiiiiies!!!

What is fun? Does it taste good?

im gonna upload it anyway but do you see any point to uploading dead, years old projects that have only been made up to 10 minutes of "gameplay"?

You get makerscore. There's that, right?

I tried to google "piercing effect" for animation references and now I need therapy

The internet claims another.

See this is why I just sought out that stuff when I was a kid. Now I'm mostly inured! :V please ignore the fact that my soul is now a briquette
lmao for real, though.

We the desensitized feel nothing for an image of a hand that was caught in a industrial shredder.

Poor shredder though. Surely it did nothing to deserve such a cruel fate.

Ever since experiencing military service, Laguna Loire's gameplay segments and character in FFVIII, a.k.a. 'fucking around with the homies on duty', has shot up to one of my favorite in RPGs. I wish he was the whole game.

Dissidia Duodecim?

Final Fantasy would be better if it was about tonberries. Also it wasn't a JRPG it was a cute life simulator like Animal Crossing, only about tonberries.

^^ Cheers to that ^^

Let's go make players miserable!