I didn't think finding free-to-use 8-bit music would be such a bitch. I hate hunting for music in general.

musicradar has a lot of stuff, though said stuff is more commonly used for mixes and the like instead of bgms, but a little editing would make them usable. Best part's that they're all free to use.

I am a grown man of 27. Those who know me know are quick to tell me my emotional range is stuck in between rage and disdain, I have trouble grieving when even family members die, yet the ending to Persona 4 made me cry like a bitch.

We all have priorities in life, and looks like you have yours well lain out XP
I once cried when my sister sat on my gameboy. Does that also count as manly tears?

someone hacked my instagram, followed 2400 people, changed my name and put a link to an iraq site there Q_Q ]

Well... it will lower the chances of a breach from someone not actually serious about it, at the least (like the guy who got JoSe. It'll also take more time to crack, and someone who's not serious will just give up and look for another target after a few tries.

But yeah, they're harder to remember. I actually once used that string above as my password for my gmail a while back. I used (an admittedly far-out) mnemonic for it: 'Pacific Judo Grawrr Valjean'. I... get it right after a few tries xp

someone hacked my instagram, followed 2400 people, changed my name and put a link to an iraq site there Q_Q ]

That's... actually pretty lucky of you. Thankfully it was just some random troll, and not an identity thief or something. Still, sorry to hear that.

Maybe it's time to change your password into a randomised string of (at least) 24 length? Something like: 'Pa8?fjJsdo_{gRaw8g24601'.
Maximum security! (for only a very minor trade-off of: 'the possibility of being permanently locked out of your own account'!)

Is it me or it's just that my Computer Science teacher said that we should make a game as our project?

Lucky (-_-;)
We were tasked to make ms word clones... complete with spelling and grammar checkers... in bloody python... *dies a deathly death*

Am I crazy, or is there a new Views counter on game page blogs next to the time stamp?

That's pretty neat! I didn't notice them until I saw this status :3

I don't get how the update dates work though. For example, it says I updated ALL the images in ALL of my games today (which, I definitely did not do). As it seems, it's the time stamp of when it was last VIEWED instead of updated.

I wish I had all the free time in the world so I could make a Sailor Moon fangame UwU

I'm (very, excruciatingly slowly) making a Magical Boy game, even if I don't have much time for it, I'm forcibly squeezing it in. It's a long shot to even call it a game at this point, but its taking shape at the very least...

You should totes push it through Jo! :3
Not having enough free time is practically just you not making enough free time XP

My art isn't the best, but I think I'm doing alright. *Reads tutorials on how to art better* Oh my god all my drawings are garbage.

Err... yay?

I have stuff I can take photos of. Not sure how far back I can go, but I'd be in.
Would be kool to have some people participate.

Anyone else here having some old stuff floating around? Sign up now ~
I'm in! ...is what I'd like to say if my stuff weren't ravaged by nature's wrath and rats. Though most of the shit I drew back then were either senseless building layouts, or mecha super saiyans. Dunno how that'll fit in here.

Bacontip: Don't ask an artist for a refund after deeming their work acceptable on the basis of "not using it anymore".

That's terrible man. I'm no artist (and I doubt anyone's crazy enough to actually ask for my services), but that's just plain stupidity right there. Although that part where you mentioned that the artist 'missed the style' asked of him/her is pretty legit a complaint, imo.

Noch nicht, kameraden. Noch nicht!

Man akursi garusra dia. Pero kun intiendar nai, asurra. Suken ja?

edit: aleman ja?