So... I posted a dummy game page with a nonsense description, and context-less, identical screenshots; forgot to tick "Private", it went on queue, and got accepted?

For context, here's the "game description".

A holder of place is deemed necessary at this moment. Thus, I thereby institute these lines of text, to assume the aforementioned purpose. While this certainly is more verbose than that which we, as educated strangers communicating by way of letter-shaped dots on a what I might guess is a flat, dynamic display apparatus more commonly referred to as a 'screen', expect, in no way does this text veer to far away from its original intent, which is to act as a temporary emplacement, put in place in lieu of yet to be thought of text. In fact, it may just be the opposite, as it serves its purpose more than sufficiently, thanks to its verbosity.

But of course, a line-break is in order.

And another, for one can never be mistaken with the appropriateness of line breaks.

Alas, my vocabulary has begun to complain; threatening to cease all operations for an extended period of time, should I insist on continuing this manner of communication. So, k tnx bye.

New problem: Been required by school to join the global game jam 2017... Don't have any team to form nor anyone I know to join in a group... Now the problem is find a group or gone Lone wolf.

Wait a min, by any chance you're in Dagupan? (That's the only location I know that has it around January)

There's also one in Davao that I know of. Though I'm not sure if that was a global thing, or just regional. I mean, there were a lot of Japanese and Koreans, so it might be.


Do you have cookies?

Is Reporting now Lethal?

Reports seem manually reviewed, so false reports shouldn't be much trouble. For most of us, anyway.

Though, admittedly, the report icon makes it look like I'm going to launch a nuclear missile to that enjoyable kirov-spamming commie gentleman over there ffs stop blowing up my base pls

Anyone interested in testing my game out?

I see.
That's simple enough to do. I'll make her hide in a crevice somewhere, then pop up out of that instead :)

Thank you!

Anyone interested in testing my game out?

The S key's for opening the item menu :)


Just one question: Should I further differentiate the twins? I could change how one of them speaks. Or maybe even both of them. Make it easier to distinguish which is which. Maruo (the saved) is supposed to be the meek, kind, emotional type, while Morue (the saviour) is supposed to be the old-fashioned, detached, rational type who only really cares about her sister.

Anyone interested in testing my game out?

Thank you, really, pianotm. This has all been of great help to me.


Whoever Raeth is lamenting is clearly important to him. Next seems to be a flashback in which he is walking with Lehane. I could be mistaken about it being a flashback. It had that air. To me, it looked like the story was beginning with Raeth as sort of a narrator, and the flashback is the game. Next we see Leanne clearly in danger, searching for Raeth. The dialogue is consistent with this as well, as we see Raeth at the headstone telling whomever he's lamenting that s/he should have listened to him and saved herself, and then we have the scene where he's basically telling Lehane the same thing as he seems to fade away.
I did not see this connection at all. Damn.
I could re-write the story so it fits this connection. Or bend it a bit so it would seem like it does. I'll... get back to the drawing board.

Personally, I would give the player the choice because it would add to the game's replayability, but ultimately, I think you should probably present these options as a demo for play testers to see which method works better.
Seems good. It'll be some time before I could strap together a proper demo, though.

* A bit random, but how do you pronounce 'Lehane'? Just curious...
I pronounce it "Lee Anne".
Ah, like how I intended then.
I asked because I've heard quite a lot of different pronunciations from my sister and my cousin. Things like "Le Hayn", "Leen(ee)", "Lan", and the sort.

Edit: Formatting

Anyone interested in testing my game out?

About the twins, it's kind of a spoiler.
Maruo isn't 'right in the head'. But while her sister may be a delusion, she is certainly real enough to kill people.

I do have a few questions:

* It wasn't supposed to be Lehane. What made you think it was Lehane? Any hints implying it that I might have missed myself?

* I was considering giving the player a choice after the ship scene, to choose which story they want to follow (which greatly boosts the game's consistency, at the expense of locking out the player from the other stories for a considerable time). It's either I let the player choose a path, and they have to stick with it until the end, or chop stories up to "episodes", and allow the player to jump to any of stories anytime after an "episode" is completed.he game's consistency, at the expense of locking out the player from the other stories for a considerable time). What do you think is better? Should I leave it as it is now (with its constant inter-story jumping)?

* A bit random, but how do you pronounce 'Lehane'? Just curious...

Anyone interested in testing my game out?

It... looks like I forgot to reset the starting position. Sorry!
I'm updating the link.

If you could open it, the starting position is supposed to be the map named "SCN: Raeth".

Edit: Done updating.

Anyone interested in testing my game out?

Here's the link.

I was too tired to put in the two extra scenes I intended to add, so this ended up even shorter than it already was. Total time to go through the whole thing should be no more than 10 minutes.

Let me know what you think, here or via pm (whichever is more convenient) :)