Anyone interested in testing my game out?

Oh, okay then.

But it's fine. I don't really need it immediately.

Anyone interested in testing my game out?

Thank you, Piano and Kevin!

I'm still travelling, but I should be back at the dorm by 6pm. That's... erm... 10am gmt? About 4 hours from now.

I'll be putting the zip in my locker. Should I post the link here, or do yiu prefer I pm it to you?

Anyone interested in testing my game out?

It's just an intro; not really enough for a proper demo, but I want to hear some initial feedback before I move on to the next few scenes.

The game is 'Untitled', a visual novel of-sorts, with puzzle elements. It's not horror, trust me. A creatively-titled walking simulator, and an attempt to tell multiple, mostly unrelated stories about multiple, mostly unrelated individuals.

I still have some things to finish on it, so I don't have the dl right now. It should be ready tomorrow, or sunday at the latest.

RMN's new anti-spam security seems to be working pretty well.

Caztastic! I-I mean, fantastic.
Shame about the boobs though.

What's your favorite RPG Maker horror game?

My own game of course! Which one, you ask? Pick any of them; they're all horror.

(honestly, I don't like horror, so I stay away from games that are such)

A lot of you seem to becoming disillisioned with RMN; I need to get to work on making better illusions

The end is nigh.

Anyone who lives in Lapland??

Esby, y u do dis?

RMN named an achievement after me. My life is complete.

unity, isn't there a More Magical Than You achievement out there?
Unfortunately, there isn't... yet.
Well? What are you all waiting for?

Edit: That's radical, NS!

What's the story with your Username?

Edit: gotta love my net connection.

What's the story with your Username?

Random bet in highschool with a friend of mine. Math class, senior year, we had a pop quiz where we were allowed to discuss our answers with anyone else in the class. A friend of mine, Karin, asked me what my answers were. Turns out, our answers were completely different; but both of us were more than confident that we were correct. So she challenged me to a bet, and told me I can ask any one thing from her if I win. I leaned close to her, and with a low voice whispered: "Your Soul".

Well... I won.

And I became Karin's Soul-Owner. But the novelty of it wore off after a while, so I went and "gave back" the ownership of her soul to her. "Keep it," she says. "We'll have another bet; and I'll take it back from you."

So here I am. Not the owner, but the Keeper. Karin's Soulkeeper.