Yo! What programs do you guys and gals use when you make pixel art? I'd like to try my hand out at some simple 8-bit graphics, but I'm not sure where I should start.

As a member of the elite PDN Masterrace, I recommend PaintDotNet

leaving soon for the woods, don't expect much Craze around for two months.

It bothers me that you spend two months of every year running a child prison camp for children who haven't yet been convicted of a crime

I have a shocking confession to make

That's it! It all makes sense now!


H-h-how!?! I only ever got 117 in one night...
I vaguely suspect at least half of them were from mafia threads.

Anyway, good to have you back, Cap_H!

W-wait... people actually subscribe to mafia threads? o_0

That OCD moment when your game title is ONE LETTER TOO LONG for RMN to handle...

Nah, about the only reason I'll use an absurdly lengthy title is if the initials have a hidden meaning. Often, the title itself does not make sense. Whether or not said meaning (of the initials) is related to the game in question, is up to my discretion as well.

For example:
Chaos Heart of Other: The Suns Underneath (CHOO: TSU)

and its sequel-of-sorts:

Chaos Heart of Other: Brave-heart, Knight Artus (CHOO: BHKA)

That OCD moment when your game title is ONE LETTER TOO LONG for RMN to handle...

I have this pet peeve with truncation logic like that. Adding the "..." takes up more room than the original character!
Well, there *is* a single-character ellipsis. I think word auto-formats three dots to that character.

Really nice people here!

Heh... heheh... heheheheheh... yes indeed...



Is it possible to learn the guitar in 3 weeks? I have a music exam and I get a better grade if I can play an instrument while singing instead of just singing...

It'd be far easier if you have someone who knows how to play (or, at least, knows the basic chords) teach you. Like, hands-on teaching. But it's definitely possible to do it by yourself. And 3 weeks is reasonably long enough for it.

Singing while playing is... hard. Mostly because you're keeping track of at least two different (but similar) rhythms at the same time. More often than not, one will overpower the other, leading to the performance not sounding too good/being off-tempo/off-key.

Today is where I officially level up to 26. What new spell should I learn?

May I suggest you put some points into Resistance?