That feeling when you've hit that big mark. When half of your game is complete and fully playable.

Now for the other half!

Don't take a break just because it's almost done XD
(Or, actually, you could. You earned that, after all...)

I guess I am Welp! now

There, there.

Nothing wrong with being a Welp. Heck, I'm a Pepper Potato.

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die on Sale in HumbleBundle! If you don't have that game yet, then now's a good time :D

Soo... anyone up for some jolly co-operation?
(or we can just, you know, kill each other and stuff, if you prefer that)

Edit: 3dvania: M version (link)

Edit2: It's *still* on sale at 75% off, until around Friday.

I'm still alive. I think. How's it going?

Nah, it was my off-hand that snapped, so it's fine. I'd give it a week or so :)

Huh, she's been gone since January-ish. Hope they're doing all right.

I'm still alive. I think. How's it going?

Well spare the wrist I broke from a bad fall recently, I'm fine :)

I stopped working on my games and going online for a while. Not sure if I could call that 'taking a break from gam mak' (ooh that rhymed), so much as just outright giving up and dropping everything out of frustration. I don't think I'll be getting back at 'it' anytime soon, but I should, eventually.

That aside, it seems I got lots to catch up to...

And, unity, congrats on the game! Good to see it getting so far.
When I logged in, I had like 200 notices all about weird and unfortunate XD
(W-Wait, is... is that a demo? *mouse magically homes-in on download button*)

Oh and, is nhubi back yet? Or...

So I just said this to a tourist today: 'Ore wa mej non hablare espanyol. sors.' :V

What I meant: 'Sorry, I can't speak Spanish well.'

We both stood there for several moments, not uttering a single word. He was clearly about to burst into laughter. I just wanted to run away. Far away. I mean, REALLY far away.

If anyone missed out on the Swapsies event and wants to volunteer for duty (and badges), then PM me!

Oh. Okay then :D

If anyone missed out on the Swapsies event and wants to volunteer for duty (and badges), then PM me!

Er, please elaborate (what kind of work exactly)?
I dropped out, and would want to help, but I'd have to know if I could spare enough time.

Edit: Oh, and I've already fixed my laptop (woo!)
Apparently, the hard drive was knocked loose. No idea how that happened :/

When I played Remnants of Isolation, I was so confused how a dude could develop a hard for a... kelp woman?

I don't really find her cute, tbh. Beautiful, yes, but not cute.

...You're not going to like my dating sim where you, a human, can date an eyeball monster.
And just when you thought you've seen everything, along comes unity with a brand new game XD

I want to buy a violin, but those prices will be the death of me ;_;

Have you tried selling your soul? I hear the devil likes fiddles.
That won't work. She'd have to go down to Georgia.
No need, really. I already lost my soul in a wild game of bullshit during Christmas break.