[RMVX ACE] Do you guys have GubiD's TBS?

The link to his site appears to be broken. Well that, or my computer's making fun of me again. I'm looking for the VXA port, which appears to have been released quite some time ago.

Here's the supposed link to the download.

And here's the script's page here in rmn.

If anyone could either point me to some alternate download site (like git hub or something), or can give the script itself here, I'd be very happy.


Ps. Is this the right forum to post this sort of thing? Technically, it's a script request but...

Will you play a pure-text CYOA novel?

I was considering making one of these, and was wondering if these are still accepted nowadays. It won't be anything too extravagant, and it will run only via command line. It will practically be limited by my (not-so-advanced) coding knowledge though, so it will not become as complex as any other CYOA's out there.

Now I'm not attempting to recreate Zork here. I'm making a open-ended, interactive story. Something like a Visual Novel, except minus the 'Visual' portion.

So, what do you think?

[Request] In need of someone who can imitate and make character portraits

It's kind of a long story but to cut it short: I lost contact with the artist who was helping me, and I still need a few more portraits before I can call it a wrap. I've already tried doing it myself, but I really can't.

I need someone who can copy her style and create a character portrait out of this. I practically just need a redress and extra emotions for the twin sister of the main character. About five portraits, at most.

To give an overview, here's the sprite that I need portraits of:

And here's a few samples of the portraits (for the main character):

If you might ask, it'll be used for this game...

If anyone is willing to take this up, tell me. I'll pm you with more details.
I couldn't give anything, except credit and my gratitude so...

Mailbox (1): No unread messages?

It's been like that for about three days now, and the problem doesn't seem to be on my browser (since it persists in other browsers and my phone). I doubt that this is due to the downtime yesterday, since this started before that.

What's going on?

Ace autotiles ruined my fence!!


And here's the fences as I drew them in pdn.

Help please >.<

Edit> Fixed the images. Can't believe I missed that. Thanks LockeZ!

A random guy reviews your games!

After quite some time of inactivity, I've decided to update the list. Currently, there are six games left. I intend to finish them on or before summer break.

Current Queue
In Progress: Personal Queue (in no particular order)

1. None
2. None

Personal Queue (a rather random list of games that caught my interest)
1. Razed are the Powerful
2. Soul Sunder
3. The Book of True Will
4. A Phantom's Children
5. Tirawrmisu
6. Mirror Boy

Reviews so far (in case you're interested...)

RMN Mobile App?

A suggestion, really.

Would be nice if there was one.
Not that it's a real necessity, but it would be tons easier of there was an official mobile app.

What do you guys think about this?

How is the 'Get Location Info' command supposed to work? And a few more random questions. [VXA]

I have quite a few questions that I think don't deserve an individual topic for each, so I just clumped them up into one.

As in title, how does the 'Get Location Info' work? I couldn't figure how to get this command to work, so I just used three separate variables to store Player X, Player Y, and Map ID (as seen in action here.)
I can't really understand it, and the help file doesn't help much.

Also, what does the 'Enemy Transform' and 'Enemy Appear' do? Do they change the troop your currently battling, or something?

And finally, is it possible to change the position of the 'Choice' window? If yes, then which line in the script should I modify?
I found it (I think). Is it this one?
def update_placement
    self.width = [max_choice_width + 12, 96].max + padding * 2
    self.width = [width, Graphics.width].min
    self.height = fitting_height($game_message.choices.size)
    self.x = Graphics.width - width
    if @message_window.y >= Graphics.height / 2
      self.y = @message_window.y - height
      self.y = @message_window.y + @message_window.height

Sorry if these are pretty dumb questions, but I just had to ask.
Thank you!

Bisaya 101

Hi everyone!
I'm Karin's Soulkeeper, and this is my shot at teaching you guys a new language.

This is a thread that will (try to) teach you Bisaya. I will be constantly updating this thread. So if you're interested, stay tuned!

In an attempt to stay organised, I'm going to compile the links to the parts here:

Part One: Introduction to Bisaya

How to detect if an enemy is targetted? [VXA]


I'd like to make a troop where one enemy will activate a 'substitute' state when the certain VIP enemy os targetted by the player. I would've just had substitue active all the time, but there are three enemies, and I want them to substitute only when the VIP is attacked, and not when the other non-VIP is. I hope I made sense there...

Is this possible? I'd rather have script calls over script edits though, if it can be done.

Thank you!