I think I found some graphical glitches.

I am unsure whether it's just me, or this is an actual glitch.
Here's a screenhot:

Now I know that the profile name is overlapping because my username's long, but it still does look weird.

That's all. Thanks :D

Help me with my Japanese? Please?

Hi everyone!
I'm trying to teach myself how to read and write Japanese, but I have not much idea whether I'm doing this right or wrong. So, I'd like to ask any of you guys out there that know Hiragana: Could you please take a moment and tell me how I did?

Expand for Image. (warning, it's big)

Please forgive the bad resolution. I don't have a scanner, so...
~Just right click and Open Image in New Tab so you can see it better :)

Thanks :D

Help in making states stack. [VXA]

And I'm here with another question. I'll ask this before I pass out. I've been working on my game for 12 hours, and I'm tiiiiired.....

Here. I want to make states stack, like in pokemon. It's mainly buffs and debuffs to stats. I don't see an option to increase/decrease by exact values instead of by percentages, so I was wondering how this is done in Ace (or if it's even possible...)

Thank you!
And good night.

Help with changing the size of Window_BattleSkill? [VXA]


Okay, I want to modify the size and position of Window_BattleSkill. I looked into it, hoping I could edit it like how I edited the PartyCommand and BattleStatus windows, but I can't make any sense with the code. Anyone like to tell me how it works?

Here's the code for your convenience.
def initialize(help_window, info_viewport)
    y = help_window.height
    super(0, y, Graphics.width, info_viewport.rect.y - y)
    self.visible = false
    @help_window = help_window
    @info_viewport = info_viewport

I want to make this window to be only two lines tall. I also want to keep the help_window on the top part of the screen. Here, I tried to illustrate it:

{PC} {A ST} {A CMD}
{PC} {A ST} {A CMD}

__==Battlers' Area
PC==Party Command
BTL SKILL==Battle Skill
A ST== Actor Status
A CMD==Actor Command

Yeeaaahh... something like that.

Thank you!

Karin's Soulkeeper does... art?!?!

Hi everyone! Yes, I know right? I am just as surprised as you ;p

I currently am still practicing with pixel art through random sketching using paint.
I kinda need to hear some comments on my work. I don't have much right now, but I'll update this every now and then.
I'm practicing on the 'gameboy-esque' style of pixeling. As such, I'm working with a 4-step monochrome ramp only.

Snake battler

What do you think?

Of course as I have said, I'll add more later.

How do you change the Parameters Displayed in the 'Equip' Scene?

Hello! Here's a screenshot that explains what I need help in.

I replaced MAT with INT, by the way...

Thank you!

Parallax Mapping or Custom Tileset?

Yes, I know. Me again. I'm working on a lot of stuff, so expect to see more of me in the forums :D

I'm working on a graphics upgrade for my first game, and I can't decide which I should go for. So I'll ask for some opinion. Which do you think is easier better? It's a puzzle/horror game. Check it out if it'll help support your point.

I can do a little of both, just so you guys know. And I'm not going to go full custom. I'll just edit what I have.

Thank you!

How do you lock images to a map in VX Ace?

Sorry! I didn't mean to double post...

How do you lock images to a map in VX Ace?

As in title, how do you bind an image to the map instead of the screen? I'm experimenting with light effects and can't seem to stop the image from moving with the screen. I'm kinda stumped, and tried googling to no avail (though I did find a bunch of tutorials regarding lights and shadows).
Thank you!

Breaking the fourth wall: fun or not?

Hi everyone!
I am planning on making a short traditional rpg that I'll work on when I take a break from my main project. I plan on making it humorous, and with no clear signs of seriousness. So I was thinking, is breaking the fourth wall a good move or not? Any advice you guys may offer to me?

Thank you!