Can you 'subscribe' to users?

Just wanted to ask, is there a feature like this in the site?
Where you get notices for when the user you 'subscribed' to posts a blog, writes an article, updates a game, and the like?

'New' flags on old topics. Is it just me, or...

I've noticed that the 'new' flag in the forums don't disappear even when the topic's last post was, say, a month ago. It seems to only disappear if I open the open the topic. This isn't much, but it's a bit confusing to see a topic flagged as 'new' only to find that it has died out a week ago.

So I'll ask, is it just me and my crappy machine? Or is anyone else out there noticing this?

What are articles? And what is their difference to Tutorials?

This is the correct forum, right?

This isn't of much importance, but...

Well, I'd like to know the diff between the two. Is there any clear distinction? Or are they basically the same thing, but with different labels?

How do you make a party-switching ability in ace?

I've been asking a lot recently, and guess what I'll do again ;P

Anyway, how do you create a party-switching event? Like, press a button and then switch parties (or in my case, between actors)? I couldn't think of any examples other than kefka's dungeon in ff6 and the system in m&l superstar saga. I'm aiming more on the mario rpg-style, though.

I have no problems with binding a button to a command, my main prob is how I'll make the command itself.


How do I modify the Parameters and Ex-Parameters?

Hi there!

Well, here's what I want to do: I want to remove a majority of the stats (Mdf, TP, Luk, etc.), and I want to modify the damage multiplier of Criticals (since it's too high to be reasonable).

I understand that this can only be done with scripts, but I'm not really fluent in Ruby yet, so please make it as close to English as possible :)

Thank you!

Am I allowed to use concept art instead of screenshots for the game profile?

Hi there!

As in the title, can I use concept art instead of screenshots? I currently am not able to take screenshots of the game, as it is no where near presentable yet. I'd like to know if I could do this and put up the game page earlier, or I'd have to wait until I can take those screenshots.


Any advice for my second game?

I'm starting the planning of my second game, and I'd like to ask your opinions.
Well, here's what I have so far:

*Turn-based ARPG with pseudo-active time battles, and a custom event-based battle system, similar to that in Riviera: The Promised Land, if anyone here played it.
*A gold-based, exp-free, level up system. The player pays for levels. Haven't seen this anywhere else, so I'd assume it's my original idea ;P
*Event-heavy, minimal-to-no custom scripts if possible.
*There'll only be two usable characters, one for the normal mode, and the other for newgame+/rambo mode.
*Item skills and attacks (not sure what to call this...). Just like the one found in Riviera. (Where you choose items to use prior to the battle, and attacking uses up one point from the item's 'durability' points.

So, anything you could add/point out/dissuade?


How to disable a PC from moving in a certain direction?


I got stumped, after 5 hours of poking around for a solution, and decided to ask for help. As stated, I'd like to know if there is a way to prevent a player from moving in a certain direction? I.e. after a switch is thrown, the player can no longer move to the left.

My solution was a Par. Proc. Event where if the certain directional button is pressed, the player will move one step backwards after attempting to move. But it doesn't really look nice, since the player still moves a step forward before being forced backwards.

I am making a maze of some sort, and I want to disable the direction button completely, for the duration of the puzzle.

I would prefer an eventing solution over scripts, please. But if it's impossible, then script editing will be fine.


How to make the timer work properly?

Yeah, another silly question by soulkeeper here.

So I just wanted to ask: How does the timer work? I tried using it in a dummy game I made. I set it to start at 30s, then added a condition that if the timer is == 0, then enter gameover scene. But as I tested it, the timer would be stuck at :29. Didn't move anywhere past that. For some reason, the timer loathes me. Aider moi.

PS: It couldn't be a script conflict, since I rarely use custom scripts. I try to find eventing workarounds for everything. And neither could it be an event conflict, since that was the only event on the map (unless if you count the player starting position).

Is there a way to know who subscribes to your work?

Hi! Karin's Soulkeeper here.

As said in the title, is it possible?
I'm just really excited that I actually have a subscriber, because I'm new and all to the developer scene.