I can't believe I missed this forum.
Guys, it said that my first post SHOULD go here, so: I broke the rules!!
Nooooooooooooooooo *cough* *cough* *mmh* ooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!
Lol ;p

Well enough of that. Hi everyone! I am Xyzryll or karin's soulkeeper. I am a kid from the Phils. I started with rpg maker two years ago, with xp. Eventually, I switched over to vxace. I have also made games (though never published any) in several other platforms prior to ace, like flash, java, c++ (god was c hard), and powerpoint. Yes, powerpoint. To add, I am also a novelist, which is, I write books for fun; and a cartoonist, which is pretty much a license to make fun of anyone, anyone at all, through caricature. And to think that Im not even 16 yet (-.-;)...
Atm, I am working on a horror/drama rpg I entitled 'Lyra' using nothing but recolerd rtp and free-to-use soundtracks. Hope that someday, you all could get to play it :)

Wish to get to know all of you! Peace out!

PS-It took me like 30 min. just to log in. I though the site was bugged, but it turns out that I just forgot my username (to hell with thee, underscores!!).
Hehe... Okay...

EDIT: Just wondering, what time zone are the clocks here set to?

Help with getting the most out of the defaults...

Hi! I am karin's soulkeeper. I am new here, so If I posted this in the wrong place, this is already a topic, or it's just downright stupid, then forgive me.

Anyways, I want to create (and am creating at the moment...) a horror/drama themed rpg. I've already done what I could with my limited (*cough* $0 *cough*) budget. I did some basic RTP cuts and pastes, a little rotating there, a recolor here, maybe an overhaul with that one, and it still comes out as, well... too upbeat and cartoony. That couldn't possibly work in this genre, right?

So if anyone out there could suggest some (miraculous) way to transform this medieval fantasy into a midsummer nightmare, then please, tell me.

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