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A somewhat diablo esque button masher
I can't believe i'm submitting another game
Divinity Fatum
As character without any memories of the past, you slowly unveil mystery of place she's woken up in, as well as her bitter past.
Very Retrouvaille
Help a little ram find their pet rabbit.
Ghost Suburb II: From Be...
A RPG about not sleeping and staring at walls.
I'm Scared of Girls
Surreal Action Game
Touhou - Wandering Souls
An Action-RPG/Beat'em up Touhou fan game
Dreaming Mary
The adventure through a girl's final dream.
Short, creepypasta-like game
Dear RED
"Be a good girl and everyone will love you"
Dhux's Scar
A traditional RPG rife with over-the-top religious overtones!
Bloom's White Flowers
Waking up in a strange world, Bloom sets off on a personal journey in search of white flowers...