Do you remember a time when games just needed to be games?


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games is art are life
I remember.

It was nice when a game was designed solely and totally to be fun. No licences. No sequels that trick you into buying them because they bore the original's name.

And back then, there was certainly a creative freedom that came from not needing to explain anything, it can just be the way it is.
"My father told me this would happen."
I remember a time when games needed to eat as many quarters up as possible.
I remember a time when games were in books or played on tables. Their graphics were powered by imagination and once you had to wait for everyone else to do so before you could start all over again.
While it's not mainstream, I highly doubt they're aren't games out there that just want to be games. Also,
it's fun drawing/witnessing new and 'better' graphics.

But you have a point. Forgeting the fundamentals of what makes a game fun is dumb. Makes me want to create an RTP game just to test what I can do without custom scripts and graphics.
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