I am stuck.
I went into the room where I picked the purple hair pin again (since I thought this was what you are suposed to do) and now when I am trying to leave Mia says there is something on the table even if there isn't! HELP.

Hi try load the last save again?


My antivirus keeps removing it for some reason ;-;

Hello, you might want to turn off your antivirus protection for a while, on some Pc's AVG automatically remove it even though it's not a thread at all.


I finished theis game and It was a very good.
At first I thought that I will not complete this game.
But as I complete playing, the story makes me more and more excited XD
I got the punishment key and Lucky me I chose the right door From the first try.
Thanks for the great game :3

We are really happy and glad you liked the game so much, thank you for playing Promise.


I did happen to run into a error, after you meet emi in the bloody bathtub and the chase if you fail to pick up the purple hair pin and walkthough the door to the main hallway you are screwed, you can not enter any other doors. Or go back from where you came from. You receive a message from the Mia saying, she refuses to go back into the green heart room.

D: I was like damnit i have to restart now.... the only time i shouldnt have saved.

Hello dear, thanks for playing promise.
we are sorry for the error you encountered, we are still working on update to solve all the tilset, text and error issue's.

expected to be released in few days.

thank you.


Great game! A lot of fun. I didn't like all the insta-death stuff, especially the underground area and final area, but overall it was great. I'm going to write a review for it.

Hello, thanks for playing promise, we are glad you liked our game, please share link when you write review :D



Thank you for playing promise, congrats on beating the game :D

"Promise story"
story understating depends on the player's thoughts and how they can link between the characters event's we intentionally did the mystery stuff so it's up to the player to figue it out

We are working to fix any text or sound issue's ASAP, thank you so much for your feedback.



Wow reached there already, so proud of you.

Your full feedback please :D


I feel completely hopeless here,I have been walking and walking and all I see are dead ends,I dont even understand this two of a kind note (perhaps Im the one whose dumb I just dont know -_-') just a litttle hint would help a lot,please? *puppy eyes*

Hello, thanks for playing promise, I'll give you a hint.
See the duplicated numbers ? write it down, try using it in order, good luck :)


nah i explored everything now all dead ends,what ever your supposed to do is not obvious enough
no doors,no holes,no ladder nothing o.o

Edit found it and i feel trolled,really should consider making it easier to see that!

Awesome Good luck with the rest, a lot of fun is waiting ya :D


dont think anyone should need one its so ez a 10-12 yr old kid should be able to do it

that aside i have found a unreasonably frustrating part

when you fall into the hole and end up in a maze and just die...theres only 1 path i have not taken and thats because i cant get by her w/o dying to try it :/
this chase REALLY sucks!

oh you made it this far, good to know :D
try not to miss a single movement there, good luck.
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