The Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

Hey, every year or so, I'll dig around trying to find an OLD RPG Maker game. I just stumbled on this thread, so I'm hoping you guys can help me.

But it was a long time ago that I played this game that I loved, so the details that I remember are very scattered and unreliable.

-I remember it used plenty of (but not exclusively) FF6 sprites. It used color palette swapped variations of the FF6 soldier all over the place. (

-You had a few different characters that you could play as, each with their own storyline, like FF6: (

-One of the character's storylines included a minigame in which you control armies of the FF6 soldiers and do battle. This detail is probably the most telling.

-I believe it used Chrono Trigger's warp gate sprites .

- I believe the game title was one of two options: "Awakening" or something German. I know I had a demo called "Awakening" that I liked a lot, but I'm not sure this is the game I'm describing. But hey, if it's not, and you know Awakening, I'll take that one too!

I'm sure my very vague description of a 10 year old game will fall mostly on deaf ears, but maybe someone knows the game I'm talking about.
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