This account is being used by two people and are usually notified at the end or in the beginning who's posting.(But if there isn't any name indicating who it is, it's probably Taka)

Yutaka/Taka: I'm doing the art assets, story, and some programming.
The art side of the Zodiac Fates is

Duncan: Does the story and 99.99% of programming and he's the script guru master of our team!

Please feel free to take a look at our website for more details on our project(s) and my personal website as well (in the About Us section) for art aspects of the projects!



Eric's Day Off

I love the story and the amazing dialogues, characters make me feel like I'm watching an amazing anime series!


PS: I literally did almost nothing on this, Duncan is like my hero, basically; God? yeah Praise Duncan *bows*

Zodiac Fates

Hey Sleepy, I'm glad that you're enjoying the game so far!

We're slowly but surely working towards a full release, and would love to see a let's play once we reach that stage!

Thanks for your patience and enthusiasm as Zodiac Fates gets off the ground!


Zodiac Fates

Hey Coelocanth, first off, thanks a ton for the info!

We've addressed a couple of these issues already and I've fixed up some of the passability issues you mentioned in the church.

The basic equipment is not missable, you're actually prevented from leaving the area until you've acquired it :). There are a couple of places we've noticed (that part of Greg's house being one of them) where the passability needs to be tweaked, those should be fixed up in the next update.

There are a few things we're still sorting out (battle is an area we haven't put as much time into as we'd like), so your feedback is greatly appreciated!

We'll be rolling out an update with fixes for these issues and a couple of others soon, hopefully with some additional content - thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm!


Zodiac Fates

Hey Roy, thanks for the feedback! We're still working on balance, and battles haven't gotten as much focus as they deserve yet. Our main focus right now is smooth gameplay, so hearing that things progress well is a big help!

We'll be taking a look at the balance as we finish more of Chapter 1, so keep an eye out for changes to those systems in future!

Zodiac Fates

Thanks Athkore! We're constantly updating it. I'm introducing a new way to gain skills too, so please look forward for that! :) :)

Zodiac Fates

Thx for the update, ill try keep up with your updates and ill post any glitches I find in the game

Thanks Athkore!

For another update; we're going to try to fix the random encounter crash.
We've pinpointed to which script is doing it, but as for the fix, I haven't found a solution yet. I want to make build 2 a non-crashing build, so please stay patient with us!

Zodiac Fates

Played the game and I LOVE it to bits cant wait till the whole game is done.
Keep up the good work and have fun doing it

Wow thank you Athkore! We're are constantly working on it and improving the Alpha_Test_Demo right now, build 2, will fix a lot of the bugs we've encountered!

Thank you again for such encouraging words! :)

Zodiac Fates

Thanks Roy!
To answer your first question: The demo ends after the save point in the Mountain Passage zone.

Thanks for the feedback! Looking into these issues as a bulk! :)

Homework Salesman

I was wondering if you guys made the sprites or if there's a generator for the DS style sprites? :)
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