Returning from RMVX Death
It has been a very long time since I have been on this website or hosted any games on it. Last message I left was sometime back in 2011, so obviously I have been on a lengthy hiatus. I apologize, but I am aiming to begin fresh and new with nothing tying me down or back due to what I previously had so all my previous games have been deleted from the site.

I will leave nothing on this website, except for very small things - updates every great once in a blue moon, etc. - and make no promises to anyone.

Please refer to the game titled Eriscadia for any further information.



The Screenshot Topic Returns

@Treason89 I'm going to be very honest to help out, so sorry if it sounds harsh. :|

I think your maps are alright, however, slightly 'void' of color and nature comes to my mind almost immediately. I would start by adding some form of foliage - i.e. small flowers, some pebbles, maybe some tall grass (tileset B type of tall grass I mean) and maybe even some kind of animal life wondering around out there. As it stands, it just looks like large, open empty fields with a LOT of bushes.

Look at this example to help you out, bear in mind this image is -very- old and seems a little over-crowded to me now that I look at it, but it's a really fine line between over-crowded and void-feeling. But it's at least a good example of things you might want to include in your open maps and such.

The Do's and Don'ts of Mapping Part 8

Wow... Wish I knew this before I made my first horror game and hosted it here. Xo

Thanks a TON Nessi! :3

What's your job ?

If I told you people, the FBI would barge into your houses and question you on what you know then come to my house and arrest me for being a "traitor" to the nation.

Oh, and no, I'm not joking...

But, other than the not sharing ability of my job, I LOVE it!!
(Oh, and the blasted freakin' suicide alerts I deal with... >.< A bad way to start a Monday.)


author=Feldschlacht IV
Whatever its worth, you have a fuckton of support from all of us, WC. Your work is never unappreciated.

I 2nd and 3RD this one, Wolf!

What can you do with squares? (VX RTP Mapping Contest)

Drat... Lol. Will have a map up here soon then.

What can you do with squares? (VX RTP Mapping Contest)

Question, I purchased the new Samurai RTP... Can I use this or does it have to be the default original RTP?

Notices Error

does it? or is the erroneous notice just on your second notices page now?

Lol, I have like 11 or 12 pages of notices (reeeeeeeeeally need a mass delete button for our profile pages), but in answer to your question, yes I get it on other pages besides just the first page.



I got ... frozen crabs, but they don't seem to be enough.

I'm sorry... I laughed at this one for what should be an obvious reason. XD
Nice looking game btw... :)


Sweet merciful heavens, yes! X3