Hello everybody!

I am koaangel, which is just a lazy login nick, normally it is written KoA-Angel.
I'd like to introduce myself to you a little bit.

I'm a german indie game developer ( my english is not perfect, but it works) and was working with the RPGMaker 2000 for almost 10 years. I made some small games with that tool, which I would like to share with you, even if they are no longer up to date.
One year ago after my last RM2K Release I switched to Unity 3D, in which my current project is work in progress.
There are still some unfinished RPGMaker projects, that I might finish in the future, who knows.

Anyway, I am a great retro game fan and was happy to find another active RPGMaker Community.
So let's have a good time together, nice to meet you all.
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