I must stop Addit from winning the NHL playoff pool again, no matter what!
I'm from Canada, but I live in Taiwan. I teach English to children in a Montessori school. I first got interested in RPG Maker after watching X-Play do a review of RPG Maker for the PSone. Years later I found RPG Maker VX Ace and decided to buy it. My first RPG Maker game, Dragon Lancer, was approved by Deckiller and became available to download on January 15, 2013.
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Pixel Game Maker MV Games :: a playlist on rpgmaker.net

Games made with Pixel Game Maker MV

Pearl VS Grey
Small platformer game harkening back to older puzzle platformer games like Lode Runner and Donkey Kong 94.
Final Mortality
A Final Fantasy/Suikoden Fangame
Sumo Boxer X
2 Player Boxing Game
Coma State Eden [昏睡状態エデン...
The sweet dream to your nightmare...! A love letter to classic shoot 'em ups.
Arcanion: Tale of Magi
A platform style game reminiscent of games like Mega Man and Duck Tales.
Spell Blaster - Demo Ava...
1-2 Player Arcade-Style Action Puzzle Game
Reaper of Swords
Reap What You Sow