I finally changed my avatar, but that doesn't mean I have a meaningful user title.
I'm from Canada, but I live in Taiwan. I teach English to children in a Montessori school. I first got interested in RPG Maker after watching X-Play do a review of RPG Maker for the PSone. Years later I found RPG Maker VX Ace and decided to buy it. My first RPG Maker game, Dragon Lancer, was approved by Deckiller and became available to download on January 15, 2013.
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Too many instant game overs for me
  • Suiren: part 1
05/28/2017 01:31 PM
Traingles have firing power!
  • Warporium Arcade
05/27/2017 12:48 PM
I hate unicorns now.
  • Magical Unicorn Adventure
05/26/2017 09:52 AM
Good first step
  • The Inn
05/25/2017 02:06 PM
This isn't Kansas.
  • Hydration 2: Oasis
05/25/2017 12:53 PM
Go to the sewers and get lost.
  • An Earnest Heart: Delve
05/25/2017 04:36 AM
You'll likely die, very quickly in fact
  • Wizard apprentice Lya
05/23/2017 02:15 PM
Great Atmosphere
  • A Night at Hotel Deuce
05/23/2017 04:59 AM
Simple, but pretty decent
  • The Orbs Quest
05/22/2017 02:33 PM
Going to go to MacDonalds and order whatever that was
  • Maximus Jones
05/22/2017 04:39 AM