I'm Kourtnie.

I'm making games with my husband, Chase.

Together, we make fey.earth.



Valentiny Event

@kourtnie your game is packaged for hosting on a website, not downloading.

It's repairable by copying in everything except the "www" folder from another MV game, but you might want to fix the download if you have time.

Oops! I'm so used to putting browser games on itch.io. Thanks for letting me know! I'm going to repackage it now...

Windows, Mac, and Linux versions...? I hope putting three zips up was all good.

Valentiny Event

I love the hand-drawn map!

Almost done with Strawberry Butterfly...husband's finishing up a couple more sprites.

I like all the RPG Maker engines!

English teacher love. <3 I have two face-to-face community college classes and one online class.

I started on RPG Maker Web, then moved to Reddit, and now here. I'm shy! But I'm trying to open up in more RPG Maker spaces.

Valentiny Event

This is my first romance game...and my first event on this forum!

I'm having fun putting it together. ♥

Hello friends

Nice to meet you, Xanthos!

I agree with Sooz that sharing early is good.

I'm also a writer! I teach English and paper-airplane poems at literary magazines. Happy to meet someone with similar creative fuel.

I like all the RPG Maker engines!

Herro! I'm Kourtnie, and I'm making 20 games in 2020. Most of them are short games, but I have the "big one," too.

In high school, I loved RM2K. I poked at RMXP in undergrad, then fell out of it. World of Warcraft spirited me away for a decade.

I just recently finished a game in RMXP. Now I'm working in RMMV and learning JavaScript. I have unfinished things in RMVXA and RM2K3.

This year, I'm pushing myself to learn and create more with itch.io game jams. I'm also learning with online community college courses and Udemy. I teach English.

Nice to meet all of you!
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