Name's Julie Le! I'm 20 and working on two amateur games in my free time!★

Please refer to me as numituwi, kr0x is my outdated handle name!



Hello there!

I've been stalking this website long enough! So I finally decided to make a profile and talk a little bit about my games here and there (I'm not trying to keep them a secret or anything, I just get busy often that these games are both stuck in development hell and I don't want to post anything official till I at least have 95% of the game completed ( ;´Д`) )

I'm very amateur at these sorts of things and my main interest is art and story! Coding and scripting are very alien topics to me unfortunately.

Release Something: Gotta Go Fast!!!

Ohnono, A Simple Story and Face Inside are two totally different games! Though SS does get a "cutesy" scene but its art style stays the same haha

Release Something: Gotta Go Fast!!!

A little long, sorry I didn't cover everyone!! >.<

Lovely sprites! I love the color choice for the overworld icons. Rubi's sprite looks nice too!

I'm intrigued!! The sprites look pretty good, though the walls may be a bit plain? Unless that makes sense in the universe its in, then many apologies!!

The main issue I'm having here is the font choice. It doesn't fit with your atmosphere. Besides that, everything looks great!

Looks perfect to me! The art and style is great and the art is A+++!

Some of the spritework clash with one another or stick out. Most notable is the ship with the items that don't have a dark enough border like the anchor or the ropes. Besides that, it works well!

Nice artwork! Love the backgrounds too!!

No idea what the genre is (drama? horror? both?) but I'm pretty interested! Can't wait to see the full product in action.

I love them all and they all deserve kisses.

Art style is great, color pallete is easy on the eyes! Looks like a fleshed out world already!!

Very appealling! Though, Chaos' sprite might need to be lightened a bit to see more detail. But that's just my opinion.

You might be overdoing the effects. I know they look pretty, but it distracts the viewer from the characters! Besides that, there is definitely a world and atmosphere going on!

Besides the font choice everything is adorable and pretty! Excellent colors btw

Very cute looking so far, I like it!

Release Something: Gotta Go Fast!!!

The animation is "ok", not jerky but not smooth either (I was just sorta counting on the viewer's eye to make up phantom frames. I think some animation studios do that too...not that it really works on the big screen haha). As @Deltree suggested I could find a script to increase the frames to make it run smoother!! (Though I'm not really sure if those exist for XP...or if I know how to plug the script in bc I never tried orz)

And no no, you explained that just fine!! Thank you (And you too Deltree) 'v'

As for Face Inside, I really didn't know what color pallettes to use for the game overall. @-@ I wanted a distinction between the black/white/reds of Simple Story (the ones with the sprites we're talking about from above!) and this game's.

Thank you again for the commentary. :> I'll keep these notes in mind!!
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