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Ashley's Story

This game looks like it had some potential, but we all learn and improve our game making skills the more we use them!

If you're ever planning a new game in it's place, I hope you succeeded!

Thanks for the kind words and wishes, friend.

Ashley's Story

Interesting game so far. The story is a bit strange and random, and getting the passport was pretty annoying. Good work on the battle animations, mapping, etc. though. I can tell you put a lot of work into this game.

Hey, thanks for the input! The story is a bit random because I have no direction at all...
And for the passport, it's like 10x easier if you use your mouse to click on the paths,
Thanks again for the input! :D


Sorry about that, The mimic is fixed, I ran into that same problem and thought I took it off.

And you walk behind the waterfall to get to the final boss.


You don't need to show this, you know? I don't know why you have.

Oh.. I thought everyone's key settings were different.. XD
Does the game owner's setting become the default for the game?

Omega Mega Dragon Story

NO Toby/krazie22 not looking to make you feel guilty.......

Even though suicide did enter my thoughts when I had to stop playing, OH THE PAIN AND TEARS I SHED :( :( :(

Serves ya right for not knowing how to ask someone on our forum how to finish a game so as not to jeopardize my emotional stability :)

LOLL! The feeels!!! I FEEL THE EMOTION! one day.. ONE DAY!

Toby's Demon Story

The feels, man.. The feels! Thank you for your kind words.

Omega Mega Dragon Story

Such a sad day :)

I finally decided to play what I could of this game.
I love ABS games cause I learned about games on Legend of Zelda
and this is about as close as they come to my favorite game.

Too bad krazie decided he did not like what might have been one
of the best games on this site :(

But thank you for what I was able to play.
The guilt!! LOL! But this game was way too hard for me to do alone. The gameplay mechanic was also buggy. And I'm not a scripter, so I have no idea what to do when I ran into a problem. :( NOOOOOOOOOOOOO THE GUILT!!

Intermittent Downtime for DNS / IP Address updates

Good job, Master Cobra.

Recruitable Demon List

can you make a guide to where to find them and how to get to join in my team ?

LOL.. i FORGOT! I don't even have the original game file on this computer.
I was actually playing Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and had motivation to make another monster catching game.. I don't know. I might look for this file and play with it abit.

Toby's Demon Story

first off the game is so good hope you back to work on it someday :)

2nd there a bug yo need to kill is fusvolution for fus i click on it and nothing

and toby class blood knight so bad ass :D
too bad i cant change him back to his old look (>.>)

I stopped this game because it's so buggy XD!
But I'm learning alot about how things work and stuff. Making a new one with Dragon Transformations now. But I'm not gonna reveal it until it's done because I might not finish it like this one. :( Plus.. This one is such a big file. I Learned how to resist using every file I find. :P