I first came across RPG Maker when I was about thirteen, and rediscovered it when I was twenty with VX Ace. I love making games, but unfortunately now have very little time due to old-person obligations. I still try to contribute as much as I can nevertheless! I always love to hear feedback on my work so don't hesitate!
The Shoe's On The Other ...
A second psychedelic episode in the world of The Shoe's On The Other Foot



A case for RPG Maker

more garbage games get finished
Your reasoning sounds very logical and I believe your conclusion is true. Do we have RMN statistics to confirm it? Like : average game score per engine

This is a very interesting idea!


This is a beautiful scene

Summoner of Sounds

Would you accept 8-bit music for the modern moods theme? I think it could be quite apt but then again it could be quite apt in all of the categories!

Summoner of Sounds

Aah have been abscent from the site for a while now, wish I had seen this sooner! What a cool event!


You should do it! I love board games but they're often so expensive ! It would be great to see some of the imagination around here go into some board games!

Audio randomness help!

Hey! Just realised that i never replied to this! A bit rude! Thanks for helps ill try it out! (yes vx ace)

LP - Graceless Reminisce - Will of Rebellion [Prologue] by roleplayinggamer.tv

Ha! Yeah, oh well. Id say its their loss but it isn't really, its ours! They could have at least said why... Im going to try and make another channel, itll mean ill have to use a different phone number of course if i want to make more than ten minute videos, but i dunno it hasnt exactly motivated me! If i do ill try and spotlight the game as it deserves it! Ill keep you posted!

LP - Graceless Reminisce - Will of Rebellion [Prologue] by roleplayinggamer.tv

Hey guys! Dunno why but my channel was deleted for violating youtube rules. Didnt say why! Plus apparently im never allowd to make a youtube channel again! So yeah, good times!

Destructoid Story Remastered

Ha! Looks worth a play! I'm subbed!