I first came across RPG Maker when I was about thirteen, and rediscovered it when I was twenty with VX Ace. I love making games, but unfortunately now have very little time due to old-person obligations. I still try to contribute as much as I can nevertheless! I always love to hear feedback on my work so don't hesitate!
The Shoe's On The Other ...
A second psychedelic episode in the world of The Shoe's On The Other Foot
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Infinity 3, a VXA RTP Showcase!
  • Infinity 3
06/03/2014 02:04 PM
Infinity 1.5!
  • Infinity 2
05/13/2014 02:06 PM
Not quite so infinate!
  • Infinity
05/12/2014 04:58 PM
A good puzzle game with some unique features!
  • The Mysterious Wonderland of Alicia-chan
05/12/2014 02:41 PM
Sorrow Moor Review
  • Sorrow Moor
01/26/2014 12:48 PM
Enter The Rift
  • Middens
01/06/2014 05:41 PM
Near perfect!
  • no-one has to die.
05/08/2013 09:37 AM
Dungeon Paradise!
  • Scorpion Squad
04/22/2013 02:51 PM
Better luck next time!
  • Da Tastiest Budz RPG
04/22/2013 11:26 AM
Got an hour to kill? Why not try this?
  • Doggie Dayz
04/14/2013 10:14 PM
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