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Ciel Fledge

Is this...is this by the Nusakana people?

I had an eye on this because the graphics looked solid and the concept sounded cool, but Nusakana was an indie gem. I'm really looking forward to the release.

Monstructs: Makers and Mayhem

My schedule just changed a little bit. Going forward I won't have time to test this. Sorry.

Monstructs: Makers and Mayhem

The only download listed on this page is the Alpha 2 that went up on 7/28. Is that the correct one?

Mownt: For Peace (IGMC 2017) Review

The story was great, and the combat still felt pretty good.

Part of what's tough about making the mechanics for one character rpgs, I think, is that having a single character limits the actions a player can take in a turn. It makes game balance against multiple enemies kind of weird and puts an emphasis on AoE attacks.

I think if you could program in a couple of actions for your Mownt before ending your turn, combat could get a little more interesting.

But in any case, I'm eagerly looking forward to whatever gets developed next.

Jimmy, We Are Go for Launch!

Whoah. Congratulations.

I still remember looking at the game page for this when it first went up and thinking "the scope is too big. There's way too much custom work. Vaporware for sure".

I'm super happy whenever that inner cynic voice gets showed what-for, and I'll be buying a copy soon.

Monstructs: Makers and Mayhem

That caste update looks super cool. It might be worth putting in a "is this really the person you are?" choice at the end to let people go back and redo if they get stuck with a gameplay style they don't like, but in general I love it when games assign some of your attributes based on who you are as a person. It reminds me of Ogre Battle.

Anyway, more feedback incoming.

-Bug: Asking Fami for help with settings causes him to say "Here you go!" and then do nothing.

-Bug: Fami's explanation of the Making Circle flashes images at you for a fraction of a second, but doesn't actually let you look at them.

-There's no run button? The walkspeed feels really slow, and an autorun would be very welcome.

-CRASHBUG: Went into the wonderbox, went left, File Graphics/Characters/199-Support07 was not found. This issue repeats when you go right or straight ahead as well.

-The making system feels restrictive. It makes you walk up to the correct master, choose the correct rank and formula, and then assemble it according to those specifications. Compared to just throwing a pokeball, that all feels like needless clutter. Just opening up the making circle, selecting a formula, and having the game plug in the right components if you have them feels like it would make more sense and be easier to code.

-NO PROGRESS BUG: I finished making and it spawned me back in inside the wall on the left. I cannot escape. My journey ends here.

-Similar to the making system, the 'world map' feels weird and restrictive. Like, it first asks you if you want to go back into the place you just left, and then you have to say no before you can pick through a menu of other places.

-Bees in the forest deal 67 hp and poison on a single attack. My tiny sun thing deals 13 hp. First battle I encountered was unwinnable and I died on the first turn.

-Bug: I spawned back in on the southeast exit outside of Rico's hut, but I died two steps out of the forest entrance.

-CRASHBUG: From Rico's hut, went right, then down, then left, and as I was leaving the screen with the bunnies and the bridge to the south, I got the following: File Graphics/Characters/169-Small11 was not found

-Bug: From Rico's hut, walking southeast, you only have to walk to the edge of the screen to move to the next screen. However, from that new screen, if you walk up, you have to hit 'confirm' to move back to the first screen.

-Bug: Walking into Rico's hut causes you to appear in the hut right at the counter, rather than in the doorway.

-NO PROGRESS BUG: selecting Rico's Remember game, then easy difficulty, gets you the game explanation, but then you're stuck with no way to interact with it and you can't escape out of it. The card game is forever.

-Oh, wait. SECONDARY BUG: You can go into your menu screen from Rico's Remember game.

-Bug: Interacting with the bunny prompts a fight before you get your inspiration, but it's not a fight with a bunny or anything like that. Also the inspiration text says "a/ 618 was inspired". Also the game hits you with another fight and does the same a/ 618 message and gives you a different formula. And then it hits you with a third fight. And in the gameover screen caused by that third fight, after Fami finishes his message, you get the text "what a cute bunny".

-Bug: south of your grandpa's house, the lake has a passability problem on its northwestmost tile

-Haha, oh my god. That earlier crashbug was actually a no progress bug, because there is currently no way out of the forest once you go deep enough in, because trying to come back out crashes the game. I'll reload from an earlier save and try again later.

Monstructs: Makers and Mayhem

Alright, I've played a little way into this. Here's some quick feedback. More detailed feedback later.

-Character sprites have a nice aesthetic to them. They're clearly custom, which is cool, and they match the hand-drawn feeling of the world.

-The Monstructs battle sprites look budget, and this kind of takes away the coolness of what they are. I think if you were going to commission art for anything for this project, it should probably be for the Monstructs.

-The opening crawl feels *very* Pokemon, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but I liked the part where it deviated from pokemon formula by giving you choices about your personality a lot more than I liked rehash of the pokemon intro.

-The 'record scratch' sound that the game makes when you switch between choices in combat is really intrusive, and the sound is like nails on a chalkboard to me. I'm just going to take my headphones off whenever I get into a battle, because I can't listen to it multiple times in a turn.

-Stranger: "You've got a long way ot go." That should be a 'to'

-I like the periodic saves in the intro, and the overall setup for the plot. Again, the places where Monstructs' plot breaks the pokemon formula all make it feels stronger. The villains actually have some menace to them, there's some tension in the story, etc.

So far, I like where Monstructs is going, but I'll have more feedback for you as soon as I can.

[RMXP] Game Testers NEEDED!!

I can take a look.

Fire RMNblem Review

Fire RMNblem wasn't too difficult once you realized that you were supposed to exploit it to win, but its difficulty was more in raw numbers and less in tactical situations, so it didn't feel satisfying anymore after I'd broken a character so bad that nothing could damage her.

The maps that I liked, including the excellent Beautiful Escape Dungeoneer one, all had tactical difficulty, and they were great. However the overall game, without exploiting it, would have been borderline unbeatable.

That all said, I always want more fire emblem games. Fire RMNblem reminded me of how much I like the series, and I definitely don't think Fire RMNblem is bad. Like, my gripes were really nitpicky, and they have to do with things like there not being a complex tactical situation for each battle, or there not being complex personalities for the massive cast of characters.

As far as balance goes, I think having a weapons triangle would help a lot, as it would make mixed groups of enemies more interesting and it would give characters a chance to punch a little bit outside their weight class.

Side objectives, even if it's just stuff like "get to this hut before the bandit and you get a sword", would also add a little complexity.

I'm totally happy with permadeath in Fire Emblem, and I think if you take it out, it would seriously mess with the game balance. I didn't mind Shining Force, but I'll always pick a Fire Emblem over it. Even Thracia 776, which felt less like a fun thing to play and more like I was going to war.

I suspect that balancing high-level encounters in Fire Emblem is a huge pain, because you have to estimate party strength based on growth percentages scaled to the expected level of the characters, and that's borderline nightmarish, but you could probably rip the stats from something like Sacred Stones and then just plug in the appropriate SS stats for the enemies in each chapter and that would let Intelligent Systems do your encounter balancing for you.

You'd have to keep your growths and starting stats within the same basic bounds as the Sacred Stones characters' (or whichever game you decided to work off of), but once you know things are pretty balanced, then you can start nudging enemies a few points here and a few points there for more specific challenges.

FWIW, the only Fire Emblem game I've ever made was a tabletop adaptation that completely threw out the mechanics for a more abstract dice system involving blind bids and yomi, so take this with a grain of salt, but I don't think Valor Emblem would need a redesign to be playable and fun. I just think the math that powers Fire Emblem is really fiddly, so the best ways to add difficulty to the game don't involve the math.

Granted, I haven't played Valor Emblem yet, but if there's a workable demo, I'd be happy to give it a try and provide more nuanced feedback.

Progress report 29th of July

Whoah. This is going to play like a completely different game. I'm super interested to see what it's like.