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Fear and Hunger

Crow Mauler's not as bad as he was in earlier versions, and once you kill him he'll stop showing up while you sleep, but unless you have Hurting, I recommend not facing him with only one party member.

You can probably beat him with just your character, the girl, and some rocks from one of the minecarts, though.

Fear and Hunger

You can get books of enlightenment in a couple of places in the dungeon, usually whenever you reach a major checkpoint in the story, but you can also save in the bed in the side dungeon, and there are a lot of easy backtracks that lead there. Alternately, you can *sort of* craft books of enlightenment if you can get an empty scroll and a quill.

Fear and Hunger

Auriel, there's a couple of other bits in the game you may want to avoid. The thing in the courtyard is not the only bit of sexual horror in Fear And Hunger. Losing combat to a Guard, or losing a coin flip to a Harvestman, or choosing "Show Love" in a ritual circle, or using a spell to create a demon ally is worse.

There's plenty of horror in Fear And Hunger that isn't sexual horror, but you said that stuff bothered you, so I wanted to warn you so you don't stumble into it blind.

Soul Sunder Review

Where gameplay was bleak, everything else was incredible, which is why I would give P5 a 3/5 star rating.

Dear lord we have remarkably different rating systems.

I hope you can find some games on rmn that you enjoy, though.

Soul Sunder Review

MLG, your review is valid no matter what. All reviews are based on the reviewer's subjective experience, and that's not a thing that anyone can be wrong about.

That said, your reviewing standard (i.e. games without exploits) is not one I've encountered before, and it seems weird to me.

Earlier you mentioned that you exploited P5's early dungeon to win the game on Hard Mode with an artificially enforced difficulty of avoiding all optional battles. Is P5 a one-star game for you? Does being able to use this exploit lower your impression of P5?

Or let's take a game like Super Mario Bros. Warp pipes are part of the game's design. Using them significantly changes the time of a speedrun, such that there are records with and without warp pipes. Does the existence of warp pipes change your impression of Super Mario Bros.? Does it lower your impression of the game, knowing that the only thing keeping a player from using warp pipes is the choice not to?

Soul Sunder Review

"I mostly needed to use exploits instead of strategies to survive on the hardest difficulty. 1/5 stars"

oh my goodness that is a statement

2018 Sucked. 2019 Looks Alright

*Looks at 21 hour developer playthrough time*

*Double-checks that game is marked commercial*

Oh thank god. That is a massive amount of work for a thing to be freeware.

I'm still interested in testing. Just let me know when the game is in a state to allow it.

Soul Sunder Review

It's a valid review, and I can't see how it's disrespectful to put a bunch of time into documenting all that information about the game, even if the layout is just "stuff listed as the player encountered it."

I wouldn't have given Soul Sunder one star for any of the stuff above, but each reviewer is a different person.

I'm a fairly enthusiastic reviewer. I love nearly everything I play.

But it's reasonable for their to be harsh reviewers, too. Ultimately, it'll balance out.

Soul Sunder Review

Oof. One star.

I feel somewhat culpable here, since I think I was a contributing factor to there being a Heaven or Hell mode.

I'm also a little curious about this "hardest mode first" approach, since I rarely nudge the difficulty slider out of its recommended setting when going blind into a moderate-time-commitment rpg, and I generally try to play the intended game mode since it's closest to the intended game experience.

Anyway, in the second act you're supposed to be tougher and be able to pick fights sometimes with monsters, but it sounds like Heaven Or Hell punishes that too much with its difficulty spike, and that probably does a weird thing to the gameplay loop where you're being de-incentivized and incentivized to do the same thing at the same time. A possible fix might be to crank the exp gain in Heaven Or Hell, therefor making the extra tough combats worth it, but it sounds like in the meantime the best bet might be to avoid Heaven Or Hell on first time playthroughs.


Alright. Super long delay, but I finally fired up the exe, ready to play it, and Norton instantly removed it from my system. Usually I get a "this file has not been verified" warning and I can choose to continue, but this time it was flagged as a medium network threat.

Is it possible the 1.02 copy might be infected?