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Sources For Free Monster Art

Thank you, Liberty!

And yeah, it's not my policy to use material belonging to an artist without asking permission. The only exceptions I make are for old book illustrations that have passed into the public domain, or photos posted to sites like Unsplash that have already been cleared for unlimited commercial use. Even then I credit the creator if I can find that information.

Since posting, I have gotten in touch with an artist who was okay with their work being used in print, so I've got enough monsters to put together my project. Still, I was hoping there was some big trove of public domain monster illustrations somewhere that had skated under my radar. Ah, well.

Sources For Free Monster Art

Hi all. I'm kumada, I've written some reviews and stuff, but I don't really have any programming ability so I've never posted a game on rmn.

I do develop tabletop games in my spare time, though, mostly on a $0 budget, and to that end I'm wondering if there are any packs of art made for use in rpgmaker that would also work for a tabletop game with a retro vibe.

Basically, does anyone know of any fanmade packs of monsters or characters that can be used in printed (well, PDF) commercial projects?

I've done some searching, but I also wanted to ask the experts here.

Set Discrepancy

Two fans!

Merry Christmas!

Weird and Unfortunate Things COMPLETE

Oh heck yes. Congratulations! I'm super stoked to play the full game.

Call for Testers for an Incomplete Final Build

Just saw this. I guess I should wait for the final build, but I am super stoked to see what the full game is like.

Try it Out v2

Switching playthrough to patched version, starting over from the beginning.

-"Read"s text seems to be glitched in Delon's skill menu. It's currently Raed

-Similarly, the sleep spell is called sheep. Is this intended?

-Talking to ren's friend at the beach before doing the lighthouse doesn't seem to change anything? Is there something I'm missing?

Try it out

Okay, doing a quick playthrough to see what I can find.

Feedback as it occurs to me:

-Desk in the bar in the first town can be walked onto (edit: desks in general seem to have this problem)

-soundtrack is really good

-Not sure what the "press a for info" means when you target an enemy with a tech in combat. Neither the 'a' key nor confirm provides any info.

-Similarly, no idea what read does. It doesn't provide any information when used in battle.

-How does poison work? I hit a thing three times with one attack of toxic, applying poison each time. Does this mean three stacks, or just that it's poisoned once?

-First impressions: I'm getting a very grimgar vibe from the plot, and the gameplay feels like it's very deliberately trying to include elements that were clunky in old rpgs, but the stats are explained clearly, there's lots of flexibility with equips, and there's room to grow each character towards a distinct build---which feels very unlike original final fantasy, which made you cross-reference equipment in a printed booklet, and even then wasn't too helpful. Overall I like Geas and I'm curious to see where it goes. I'll try to play a bit further tomorrow.

Coming soon. Not sure when, but soon.

Weird And Unfortunate Things are imminent.

(I'm super hoping there's plans to put this on steam or another platform to increase its visibility. This is a really cool game, and I want for more people to have the chance to find out about it and play it.)

Fear & Hunger: Termina

Okay, new version, new playthrough.

-Necromancy doesn't cost mind now? Honestly, I'm fine with that, since it only seems to work on dead soldiers. Just wasn't sure if this was intended. (Edit: ah, I think I found the problem. It's costing 3 sanity instead of 30.)

-Green vial and brown vial have the same description but for the color. This doesn't really help the player figure out how they're different.

-Some paths in the hexen light up. Some don't. This doesn't appear to have anything to do with which god I've prayed to, or which skills I can learn next. Is this bugged?

-Hurting has a Rev point cost. I like this a lot. Honestly, I wouldn't mind it requiring 2 rev points and 0 sanity. However, I still have no idea what causes rev points to generate. Sometimes I just get them, even when I haven't cut a limb. The combat manual could use a line to explain how this works. All it says now is that sometimes you get them.

-Okay, I did some calculations. After nightfall, you can walk five tiles per point of sanity. This is nuts. I'm not even nyctophobic. It might be worth making nightfall only this punishing for characters with the appropriate phobia. It applies indoors as well, which is a bit weird.

-You can't interrupt Needles' sawing animation? It might be neat to get a reward for just rushing him the moment you see him, although maybe you don't want to incentivize that kind of player behavior.

-How many soul stone shards does it take to make a soulstone? More than 6 seems a bit excessive. Or are mine bugged? (Edit: nvm, it's a craft recipe. Do you receive it automatically when you get shards, though? It feels like you probably should.)

-The man in black is the basement woman's love? I'm not really sure what's going on there, just surprised that picking the The Darkness lyric response didn't land me in combat.

-Does morning daylight *restore* sanity?!

-I'm not sure how to solve the pointing statues puzzle. I genuinely can't tell who's pointing where. This seems to be necessary to progress if you didn't get a bolt cutters by random drop, and I've checked every plausible interact point and don't have a solution.


This looks excellent. I am excited for some (deconstructed? reinvented?) nostalgia.