I've been doing this rpg maker thing since I was 13 and haven't really ever stopped ever since. I have a couple projects under my belt, though only one finished that I'm completely proud of. (my first game is finished, but it's typical 'my first game' trash). I found this place after finally upgrading from 2k3 to xp after RRR sorta collapsed and died. It's sorta sad to see that the internet isn't actually as immortal as previously thought, with old links decaying into 404's all around where you need help, but I guess that's just the way things go when interest is lost.

I'm a pretty big homestuck fan, and have done tons of work on an ARG/RP called SBARGv2 (I joined the community in its first iteration but didn't join the staff until the sequel) and have been working on stuff for that ever since.


08/13/2015 02:34 AM
idk, somewhere.

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