Linus: The Forgotten Days

I'd be interested in playing what you have. The old demo seemed very promising, but I'm sure the new version will be even better.


looks good, but you might want to change that to "your."

Linus: The Forgotten Days

really liking the videos so far. can't wait to play the demo.


wow, this game looks promising.

Game Progress and Lack of Sleep.

agree 100% with moam. your maps are very well-done--some of the prettiest i've seen on this site, in fact. some people just like to bitch, i guess. screw 'em.

Adela Isra: The Butterfly Paradox

i'm intrigued...

Linus: The Forgotten Days

Oh, no, I wasn't really planning on writing a review (though maybe I will when the full demo comes out?). I just like to take notes if a game has an involved/interesting storyline, because my memory isn't the greatest in the world. And I thought the story was very good, pretty realistic, and presented well. You have interesting characters, and a deep plot told primarily through action. Excellent. Just take your time and don't get sloppy. I have high hopes for this game.

Linus: The Forgotten Days

hey, just stopping in to sing you some praises. this game is great so far. i actually played the demo twice, just so i could take some notes the second time. not that it was a hassle, though--the story was engaging enough to keep me rapt both times. my only gripe is the lack of player-interaction, but i get that this is an "intro" sort of thing, so i guess i can't complain too much. as long as it becomes a little more "game-like" in the future, if that makes any sense. but so far this is better than any final fantasy or dragon warrior i've ever played. so yeah, keep them coming, cause i'm hooked.

Linus: The Forgotten Days

ah, ok. that helps. thanks.

Linus: The Forgotten Days

so this game looks pretty awesome, but i can't see the text for some reason. the dialogue boxes are all blank. anyone else have this problem? i'm new to the rpgmaker programs, so if i'm doing something wrong please let me know. thanks.
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