Harvest Moon - Land Of Hope

I want it. I love it. I NEED IT <3333

Don't we all :D

Harvest Moon - Land Of Hope

I would like to become a tester. I loved the Harvest Moon series

As much as I appreciate it, I've not been working on it lately :(

Harvest Moon - Land Of Hope

Ello! I have tried your game, just to let you know I'm using Windows 7 and it lagged. I was really looking forward to it, so it would be nice if you continue it.

Hey there, thanks for letting me know! I don't know if I want to work on it again, but we shall see!

Dear sir, if you still continued this project, i will help you to improve the gameplay if possible. I will test it ,find any possible bug/problem.

Hey, how are you willing to help/improve? And are you still interested in becoming a tester?

Im willing to test it ^w^ actually i can do it right now ive already downloaded it, i just wanna hear if you rly want me to test it (im using good ol' windows xp TTwTT)

Hey, sorry for a 2 year late reply. If you're still interested in testing this game, let me know!

Oh my gosh, I love Harvest moon. Please I know your busy an all, but please try to work on it. I love HM.

Also, I'm willing to test it as well

Hey! Are you still up for becoming a tester? I am planning to hopefully work on it again after such a long time.

Harvest Moon - Land Of Hope

Are you still doing this? What do you need if so?

There are lots of things I still need to do and most importantly farming andall the villager script, etc. It is gonna take me a long long time!

Legend Of Zelda - Sacred Sword V0.2beta

seems to not be a valid zip archive

Seems like i gotta update the file, i dont think i have it anymore though :(

Legend Of Zelda - Sacred Sword V0.2beta

I'll give this a try soon but judging from the screenshots I wonder if the HUD sometimes hinders your sight. The z and x equipment windows look bigger than needed.

ill try and put the download up again

Legend Of Zelda - Sacred Sword V0.2beta

It works for me, but I downloaded over a week ago.

I don't know if this is just a tech demo or this is how the final product will look, so I'll be talking about it as if it was how the final product will look.

This isn't the worst thing I've ever played. Among Zelda RM games this one has very nice tiles and things are looking pretty good. I do have a lot of nit picks though.

Showing link in an empty map just to do the enter name thing doesn't look so good. The fact that it's the very first thing I see is weird, too. You could set the hero sprite to empty in the database and have the first map be black, so that when it loads I see nothing but the message asking for my name. That would look better, imo, but I think you should find a different way to bring up the name entry.

The intro video looks bad and seems kind of pointless. The triforce comes together then it jumps to a beach. The quality of it just doesn't work, pretty much any video used in 2k3 will be bad.

At the beach you show an image really zoomed in, then SLOWLY zoom out while at the same time making it transparent. So by the time it's in view it's almost invisible. This looks really awkward and takes way too long. Also the imgae is terribly artifacted.

The first 3 things I see don't flow very well. Enter name, then the video, then the beach with zooming image. It's out of order of how it should be. Usually you start with the name of the game(which that video was a part of in Lttp but it doesn't work here), then you have the player enter name, then you start the game.

Non Zelda sounds and animations instantly ruin the experience of this being a Zelda game. Perhaps that's just my opinion, but I can't stand it.

First house is kind of empty, try adding some barrels or something in the bottom right/left corners.

Missing some periods at the end of some sentences.

When Link jumps out of bed his head appears under the top part of the bed.

Yeah, right off the bat the the HUD seems like it's in the way.

The first song doesn't loop well, it fades and there is silence. Should try and find a song that loops good or edit it yourself, if you know how.

You capitalized every word in the entire message box. That's flat out wrong.

The HUD is covering Link if he's at the bottom of a map, that's bad. One way to avoid this problem would be to not let Link walk to the bottom edge of the screen. If every map had a few tiles along the bottom that are impassable, Link would never be standing under the HUD.

After leaving the first house, I see a big telephone. WtF? I wouldn't put that there. Anyways, I'm supposed to follow the path down, but it also appears that I can walk off the screen to the right. If the edge of a screen is not a teleport, it should be blocked off. Put a bush there. Whenever I see an edge of a screen in a Zelda game I assume that it's a teleport to another map. I'll end up trying to walk to the next screen every time I see an opening and wasting my time if they don't have teles.

When I do walk down and I'm at the beach, if I walk left or right it triggers the tele event. I would consider making this different. Either, don't allow me to teleport UP if I took a step to the LEFT. Or, when I do walk down put me one tile lower so that if I do press left/right I won't be stepping on a tele event.

The grass tiles just jump right into sand tiles. It would look better if there was a transition tile between the 2 colors. Kind of like how the dirt path transitions into the grass.

I don't like when trees have no walk behind. Like I walk behind the top tile of the rock on the beach, but I can't even walk behind 1 tile of the tree. Well just the top corner, but also I can walk on the roots along the bottom. I would say alter the passability, I shouldn't be able to walk on top of the roots but I should be able to walk behind the top of the tree.

Are those yellow/red things on the beach supposed to be grass? I can't walk on top of them, it looks odd.

The animated water tiles don't look good. It should be pretty much all solid color in the middle. Instead of circles of darkness.

The ground tiles look really interesting. Like water paint or something. However when you make shapes out of them they have only square pieces. Create some angles and rounded corners to make them really shine. I really really like the ground tiles!

I'm getting sick of this music already. It's too short and loops bad, like I said before. There should have been a music change when I stepped into the cave.

Hmm, It seems like all of the maps are single screen, so I guess you couldn't use my previous suggestion. I would say, make an event that tracks Link and if he is at the bottom of the screen, move the HUD to the top. It really gets in the way. It's bad.

Going in a log entrance, then standing in the middle of nowhere makes no sense. Then I use a blue teleport tile to end up back in the log. It doesn't make sense.

Yeah, spelling and grammar. All words do not get capitalized and you need to use periods.

Hmm, ok I'm at the sword room. When I talk to the sword, the sword should disappear because I have it in my hands now. Also it says wooden sword but all the graphics indicate that it's made of metal. You'll want to edit those to look brown. I can walk on the black tiles surrounding the sword, so I'm basically floating. You'll want to block that off. Another song that doesn't loop well.

The maps are kind of bare and simple. The walk up to the sword is just a line of candles. It could do with some interesting design.

After walking out of the room with the sword, my HUD is missing now. This only happens in the room with the blue teleport tile.

I can't seem to swing my sword either. Oh, now that I have the shield I can swing my sword.

When I do swing, there is a frame where Link disappears. Just as the battle animation ends.

When I walk onto the screen where the shield is, it's a beach. But the next screen over is all grass. When you move from one screen to the next the tiles on the connecting edges of the screen should match. So there should either be sand in the forest, or grass on the beach.

When I go to the door on the house, it opens with no sound. Then I have to walk two tiles up. It should teleport me when I step in the doorway or at least only 1 tile up. When I leave the house, I should be outside the door.

After getting the sword I went to the house to save, and now I can't swing my sword.

I heard someone scream for help but I can't find them.

Told you it was a lot!

So this game could be good but you still have lots to learn. Work on polish and above all else fix the problem with the HUD being in the way. Are you native to english? Because your use of the language is bad. If you can't do it right, I wouldn't do it all. Find someone to help. If you are going to have a message in game put in the event, but instead of filling it with text, put in a number. Create a text document with a list of numbers and write down what that text box should say. Then give the text file to someone to proofread and make into proper english. Then update the message boxes in the editor with the proper english. If you keep writing your messages the way you are now, it's going to be a pain to fix later. And if it doesn't get fixed, it will be a serious bad mark on the game.

I know I speak of a lot of negative stuff, but you do have a chance to make a good looking game here. There are good things in this demo but all the stuff I mention is holding it back.

i really need help though i cant do it all myself D:

but thanks for feedbacks :D

RMN sucks 5

Legend Of Zelda - Sacred Sword V0.2beta

PLEASE Tell me if there are any errors and ill try and fix it
- dude393

Legend Of Zelda - Sacred Sword V0.2beta

I'll give this a try soon but judging from the screenshots I wonder if the HUD sometimes hinders your sight. The z and x equipment windows look bigger than needed.

i might make em smaller
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