Should I bother to carry on with my Harvest Moon game, after all these years?

Only you can answer this question.

Hmmm that's a good point!

The big question to me is, do you still enjoy working on it? If yes, continue. If no, think about moving on.

Just my two cents ^_^

The thing is, I would most likely enjoy working on it once I get back into it. But it's just that step of starting it up again which I'm not so motivated about. So to answer your question: yes and no. I do and I don't.

Personally, I'd say finish incomplete games. That's only because I start too many games, and I only really progress if I work on existing ones and write down new ideas for later. Other than that, like unity said, work on what you're most passionate about.

See that's the thing with me as well, except that if something takes way too long or is way too difficult I just stop and work on something else, however in this case, I know I'd be able to finish it after a really long time. So it's like I said above - I do and I don't want to finish it. All in all, difficult decisions!

Thank you for your suggestions everyone so far!

Currently doing exams, not working on games.

...Lazy bastard...

...Just kidding! Studies are far more important than game making. Just come back to it whenever you get the time.

Omg i thought you were serious at first >_< and yeah that's true. Hopefully these last weeks of school will go fast for me :p

Currently doing exams, not working on games.

Other way around for me. Finally finished my exams (⌐■_■)

You can relax while I'm doing mine haha

Currently doing exams, not working on games.

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