[RM2K3] Set Move Route in common events not working

I'm using this code for when the player goes to sleep:
@> Set Move Route: Player, Through ON, Change Graphic..., Jump , Move Right, Land 

@> Show Animation: Player, [Jump right]
@> Wait: 0.3 seconds
@> Set Move Route: Player, Through ON, Change Graphic...
@> Wait for All Movement
@> Wait: 0.2 seconds
@> Hide Screen: Fadeout

Before, I had this code inside a map event, and it worked. But I needed it to be on a common event.

I have a few other common events where the hero needs to slightly move, but the hero just will not move, even though Through is on...

Is there any workaround or anything that I can do?

[RM2K3] Is it possible to remove the limit of 100 event pages?

So RM2k3 has an event page limit of 100, I was just wondering if there is any way to lift that limit or completely remove it?

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